Either local or pre- and post-Congress, are operated by China Travel Head Office. To make reservations, fill out the section of Tours Reservation in the Registration Form.  

Local Tours

As the ancient capital of five dynasties - the Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing - Beijing boasts numerous relics and beautiful historical monuments such as the Great Wall, the magnificent imperial palace, different religious temples and imperial gardens. The local tours will introduce you to the old and new Beijing. All the local tours are one-day tours and start and end in front of the BICC. 

Pre-Congress Tours

Post-Congress Tours

PT_1 Beijing-Xi'an-Beijing August 29-30, 2002 
PT_2 Beijing-Xi'an-Guilin August 29-September 2, 2002 
PT_4 Beijing-Xi'an-Chengdu-Lhasa-Beijing  August 29-September 5, 2002 
PT_5 Beijing-Chongqing-Yichang-Shanghai  August 29-September 5, 2002 
PT_6 Beijing-Nanjing-Hangzhou-Shanghai August 29-September 4, 2002

Footloose Tours

To convey some of the many facets of Beijing to the ICM2002 participants, and in particular to accompanying persons, several volunteers (students from Peking University) will offer informal tours of Beijing, especially to places "off the beaten track".

All tours will start in front of the Congress Venue (Beijing International Convention Center). Buses (free of charges) will be provided by the Organizing Committee. The duration time for each tour will be no longer than 3 hours, unless we have bad traffic.

1. Great Bell Temple (Da zhong si) August 21, 9.00 August 27, 3.00
2. Madam Song's Mansion August 21, 3.00
3. Chinese Ethnic Culture Park August 22, 9.00 August 27, 9.00
4. Beijing Botanic Garden  August 23, 9.00 August 26, 9.00
5. Peking University August 24, 9.00
6. Yuan Ming Yuan (the old Summer Palace)  August 22, 3.00 August 26, 9.00
7. Ancient Observatory(Gu Guan Xiang Tai) August 23, 3.00 August 27, 9.00
8. Exhibition Hall of Chinese Science and Technology August 28, 9.00 August 24, 3.00
9. Confucius Temple  August 26, 9.00   
10.Legend Computer Company  August 22, 9.00   
No charges will be made for these tours, except all have to pay the possible entrance fees themselves. 

For each footloose tour, only limited numbers of persons will be taken. Those who want to take the footloose tours please contact

Ms Huijuan Wang (whj@mx.amss.ac.cn)
Please send your suggestions and comment to: icmadm@beijing.icm2002.org.cn
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