Arriving from Abroad

On arrival in Beijing from abroad, foreigners have to go through the following procedures, just as in other countries. To save time, you will be given some forms to fill in on board before landing. They include the Entry Registration Card, Health Card and Custom Luggage Declaration Form. 

Health check 

On arrival, the first check you have to pass is the Quarantine Check. At the check point, you show your passport and the form you filled in on board. Anyone with listed diseases such as yellow fever, cholera, VD, leprosy, infectious pulmonary tuberculosis or AIDS will be forbidden to enter or be sent to the airport clinic for further checking. Those arriving from areas with epidemics yellow fever must show their valid certificates of inoculation against this disease. Those with symptoms of fever, diarrhea, vomiting or rashes must declare this information accurately.

For those who are going to stay longer in China, they have to show their quarantine certificate issued by an authorized health department abroad.  

Border entry

After passing through the Health Check, you come to the border control area (equivalent to the immigration control in the West) where you show the officer your passport and the Entry Registration Card. Your passport should be valid with a visa to China. A tourist visa is necessary and easy to apply for. You can apply for one at the Chinese embassies or consulates in your own country. Without a valid visa, you will find it difficult to enter the country. China does not normally issue at-the-border-visas, so you risk being sent back.


After collecting your luggage, you will pass through the Customs. There are two channels, red and green. If you have nothing to declare, go through the green channel, otherwise take the red channel. If you are not sure which channel you should take, then you should take the red channel.
 I f you take things listed on the Customs Luggage Declaration Form in the red box such as computers, cameras, video cameras, gold and silver, printed or recorded materials, or anything more than you need during your travel in China, or something that you will not take out of China when you leave, you have to fill in the Customs Luggage Declaration Form which you are given on the plane or at the Customs. Then you take the red channel and the Customs officer will check it to see whether you have to pay duty or you have to deposit the things at the Customs, or whether you can take them into China but have to take them out on your departure. Please keep the stamped form with you and do not lose it, because you will be asked to give it back to the Customs officer for checking on your departure. If you do not take out all the things that you have brought in and you filled in the form, you will probably be asked to pay duty.
The following items are not allowed to be taken into China. 
1. Weapons, ammunition or explosives;
2. Forged currencies or forged valuable securities;
3. Printed, audio, video, computerized and other materials which are harmful to China's political, economic, cultural and ethnic life;
4. Various poisons;
5. Opium, heroin, marijuana and other addictive drugs;
6. Plants, animals or other products which may carry diseases, viruses, parasites, etc.,
7. Foodstuffs, medicines or other products which may cause harm to human or animals, which come from areas with epidemics or which may spread diseases or contamination. 





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