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Beijing is unique in history, culture and characteristics. One cannot understand the Orient without visiting China, and neither can one understand China without visiting Beijing.
Summer palace Panda of Beijing Zoo Great Wall
Temple of Heaven The Nine-dragon Screen in Beihai Park Beihai Park

The city was at the heart of the nation from the height of China's dynastic splendor 600 years ago to the collapse of feudal society in 1911. It was a capital of the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, and home to 34 emperors who ruled China's vast territory. Such a rich history has bequeathed many famous historic sites of great aesthetic and cultural value. The Great Wall, a huge project begun more than 2000 years ago, winds its way along the mountains and valleys bordering northern Beijing. The Forbidden City represents the crystallization of ancient Chinese architecture. A walk through the city reveals dozens of places worth more than just one visit: mansions, gardens, gate towers, temples, former residences of celebrities and sites where historic events took place.

During the International Congress of Mathematicians in 2002, a program of guided tours to the sites of historical and cultural interest will be arranged to provide the accompanying guests and the congress participants an opportunity to appreciate the splendid culture of the Chinese nation. In addition, tours to the local residential areas on the ride of a rickshaw and to the children's extracurricular activities center will also be organized to give the accompanying guests a feel of the local life.

Presented here are the most-beloved attractions no visitor to Beijing can afford to miss.

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Gardens & Parks

Beijing Tour - the Beijing Official Guide by Beijing Tourism Administration

Jing Shan Park(Coal Hill) Ruins of YuanmingyuanYuan Ming Yuan
Zhongshan Park(Sun Yat-senPark) Eight Great Sites(Badachu)
Workers' palace of Culture Purple Bamboo Garden(Zizhuyuan)
Zhongnanhai(Central& South seas) Jade Spring Pool Park(Yuyuantan)
Temple of the Earth(Ditan) Pleasure Pavilion Park(Taoranting)
Temple of the Sun(Ritan) Dragon Pool Park (Longtanhu)
Temple of the Moon(Yutan) Grand View Garden(Daguanyuan)
Fragrant Hills Park(Xiang Shan )  Chinese Ethnic Culture Park
Beijing Zoo Old Beijing Parnorama Park
Temple of the Vast Succour(Guangjisi) Red Snail Temple (Hongluosi)
Temple of the Source of the Law(Fayuansi) Heavenly Peace Temple
Temple of the Azure Clouds(Biyunsi) Five Pagoda Temple(Wudasi)
Temple of the Recumbent Buddha(Wofosi) Law Sea Temple (Fahasi)
Great Bell Temple(Dazhongsi) Great Wisdom Temple(Dahuiisi)
Pool and Zhe Tree Temple(Tanzhesi) Wisdom Convert Temple (Zhihuasi)
Ordination Altar Temple(Jietaisi) White Pagod Temple (Baitasi)
Temple of Divine Light(Lingguangsi) Eternal Longevity Temple(Wanshousi)
Temple of Cloud Dwelling(Yunjusi)
Harmony and Peace Palace Lamasery(Yonghegong)
West Yellow Lamasery(Xihuangsi)
Taoist Temple
White Cloud Temple (Baiyunguan)
Islamic Mosques
Cattle Street Mosque(Niujie Libaisi)
Dongsi Mosque(Dongsi Qingzhensi)
Christian Churches
South Church(Nantang) West Church(Xitang)
East Church(Dongtang) Rice Market Church(Mishtang)
North Church(Beitang) Crock and Tile Market Church(Gangwashtang)
Other Places of Interest
Peking Man || Peking Man Site Ming Tombs
Marco Polo Bridge Qing Tombs
Bell and Drum Towers Hutong
Ancient Observatory Temple Fairs
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