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The Mailing List of ICM2002
Now ICM2002 E-mail Service is available!

Dear participants and guests:

We are pleased to announce that the e-mail server of ICM2002 has been set up to provide efficient communication during the course of the conference. The Organizing Committee of ICM2002 will publish circular letters via the e-mail server.

The mailing list service of ICM2002 provides a web-based front-end. Participants can access information related to the mailing list via the web interface at https://beijing.icm2002.org.cn/mailman/listinfo/icm2002

Please note that the server uses the https protocol and your communications with it are encrypted. Participants can change their own list options via the web interface at URL: http://beijing.icm2002.org.cn/mailman/options/icm2002/your-email-address.

If you are new and want to be included in the list, you can send an e-mail to icm2002-request@beijing.icm2002.org.cn with "subscribe" in the subject line and in the body of message.

In order to ensure that your personal information is private and to avoid the problem of spam, we have created the mailing list with security in mind.

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