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Trip sight:
Summer Palace and the Lama Temple
Trip Gist:
During this one-day tour, you will visit a section of the the largest and best preserved imperial garden.
Brief Introduction:
In the morning, you will visit the Summer Palace, the largest and best preserved imperial garden. It used to be a retreat for emperors to escape the scorching summer heat in Beijing. The garden is so large that it is scarcely enough to see in one day all the halls, towers, pavilions, corridors, walkways and bridges that grace the hill slopes, lake shore and islets.
In the afternoon, you will visit the Lama Temple. The temple is the most impressive and an active Buddhist temple in the city. One of the prominent features of the temple is the 23-meter-tall Maitreya Buddha, which was carved out of a whole trunk of white sandalwood tree from Tibet.

US$ 26 per person, lunch included.  
Tour operated on:
Aug. 22 8:30-16:30 Aug. 23 8:30-16:30
Aug. 25 8:30-16:30 Aug. 27 8:30-16:30
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