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Trip sight:
The Great Wall at Juyong Pass and the Ming Tombs
Trip Gist:
During this one-day tour, you will visit a section of the Great Wall at Juyong Pass and one of the Ming Tombs.
Brief Introduction:
The Great Wall stretches 6000 kilometers from East to West China, traversing five provinces and two autonomous regions. Built first in 221 B.C. and re-built several times in the following 1500 years, it has become a symbol of the ancient Chinese civilization. After the visit to the Wall and lunch, you will visit an emperor's tomb of the Ming Dynasty (1380-1644). This tomb is a mausoleum of the 13th Ming emperor and is the only one that has been excavated. And, the best part of the tomb area is the Spirit Way -- giant stone carvings of human beings, animals and mythical monsters standing guard.
US$ 38 per person, lunch included.  
Tour operated on:
Aug. 21 8:30-17:00 Aug. 22 8:30-17:00
Aug. 23 8:30-17:00 Aug. 24 8:30-17:00
Aug. 26 8:30-17:00 Aug. 27 8:30-17:00

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