Catering in Beijing

Catering in Beijing has developted fast in the past decade. The love and pursuit of delicacies are manifested not only in the rapid changes in society ,but also in the mushrooming of restaurants of all kinds a flurry of newspapers, periodicals and TV programs telling people how to enjoy food of different tastes conductive to health.

In Beijing today, all the major restaurants boast top-flight chefs and offer beautiful surroundings for enjoying food. Thousands of smaller restaurants and hundreds of famous food stores line in the streets, offering their best.

Peking duck has a reputation of beijing the most delicious food in the world. That reputation is well deserved. As many tourists say:"Visitors to Beijing must do two things: climb the Great Wall and east Peking duck." The best place to experience the Peking duck is one of Quan Ju De restaurants, with outlets at Qianmen, Hepingmen and Wangfujing.
During the 800 years that Beijing served as the country's capital, a cooking style catering to the Imperial Court developed into a major school of preparation that can be put on a par with other regional cuisines. The best restaurants offering imperial food are Fangshan in Beihai Park and Tingliguan in the Summer Palace. The feast represents the peak of Chinese cuisine, tinged with a rich historical background and centuries of national culture. Of all the dishes that have come to Beijing from other parts of the country, the dishes of Guangdong, Sichuan and Shanghai have become the most popular.
Cantonese dishes feature light tastes, crisp texture and is very refreshing. The best of the best is its seafood dishes. Sichuan dishes are even more widespread around China than Cantonese cooking. Most restaurants, big or small , offer some Sichuan dishes in addition to other items on their menus, and there are many specialized Sichuan restaurants. Shanghai dishes became popular in Beijing just not long ago. Light and refreshing ,giant crab, fried eel and quick-fried yellow croaker with thick vinegar sauce are  among Beijinger's favorites on a Shanghai restaurant menu.

Beijing Food

Cooking traditions in China can trace its roots and inspiration to two disparate groups of people: the imperial court and the poor. The emperor's chefs gained fame for their techniques and special dishes which became legacies to the whole country, while bean curd was developed as the cheapest way of providing protein to a billion bellies. Beijing-style food runs the gamut from traditional dishes once prepared for the imperial court, popular dishes and those originated elsewhere. The most popular are meticulously prepared and attractively arranged Imperial Cuisine, Roast Beijing Duck, and the Mongolian Dining.

Foreign Restaurants 

Westerners and Asian visitors will easily find their national food, but frequently in hotel restaurants, such as the cuisine of France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Russia and Thailand.

Around the congress site, there are quite a few fast-food outlets and restaurants. For the fast food, usually 20-30 yuan, or US$ 2.5-3.6, will be sufficient for one meal. For example, a Big Mac in the McDonald's is 9 yuan, or US$ 1.1, and a cup of Coke is 4 yuan, or US$ 0.5. For the meals in a restaurant on the street, a vegetable dish usually costs from 10-15 yuan (US$ 1.2-2) up; a meat dish starts from 15-20 yuan (US$ 2-2.5). Generally, 80 yuan (US$ 10) should be enough for one meal in a restaurant.

Eating Chinese Food everyday may make you feel homesick. Well other Oriental and Western resturants can also be found in hotels and in the streets. The best-known foreign restaurants are:

Country  Name of Restaurant Place of Restaurant Telephone
American  Louisiana Beijin Hilton Hotel 64662288
Italian Peppoin's Shangri-La Hotel 68412211
French Maxim's de Paris West Win China World Trad Center 65054852
French  Maixim's Restaurant 2 Chongwenmen West St. 65121992
German Bauernstube Holiday inn Lido 64376688
German Bavaros Boerstibe Palace Hotel 65128899
There are also has some special websites used to introduce chinese food , you can click them for more details.

Special Food Festival

There will hold some Special Food Festival  in some Hetels of Beijing , such as  
Name of Hetel Special Food Festival
Great Wall Sheraton Hotel Great Wall Sheraton Hotel held an Italian Food Festival from March 12 to 17. Two Italian chefs have be flown in to host the cooking classes.
Kempinski Hotel Turkish Food and Culture Festival (Season's Cafe,March 10-17),
Jazz brunch (Season's Cafe, March 4,11,18),
Flaring Bartender from Juliana's in London (Salsa Cabana,March and April),
Sea bream specials (Honzen Restaurant, March),
Abalone specials (Imperial Garden Restaurant, March),
Gnocchi Mania (Trattoria La Gondola,March),
Stew promotion (Paulaner Brauhaus).

Hilton Hotel March Highlights "Chinese Province Specialities" (Sui Yuan Chinese Restaurant),
Guest chef from USA (Louisiana, March 25-31),
Australian beef shabu shabu (Genji, March),
Seafood dinner (Atrium, March 9-16),
"Food & Wine Experience IV"(grand wine-tasting & buffet,March 23,
master classes & wine luncheons, March 24).

Holiday Inn Lido International buffet (Patio Coffee Shop),
Bangkok street food (Borom Piman),
Lasagne promotion (Pinocchio Italian Restaurant),
Turtle promotion (China Garden Cantonese Restaurant), 
Mexican soup promotion (The Texan Bar & Grill), 
Goulash promotion (Bauernstube German Restaurant).

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