Local Tour_5

Trip sight:
Museum of Chinese History, the Zoo and the Silk Street
Trip Gist:
During this one-day tour, you will visit the Museum of Chinese History and Beijing Zoo .
Brief Introduction:
In the morning you will visit the Museum of Chinese History where you will see various archaeological findings that illustrate the development of the Chinese nation. 

After lunch, you will visit the Beijing Zoo and see the Giant Panda, an endangered species of animal native to China. Then, you will have a walk around the Silk Alley, a shopping street (market) in the embassy area.

US$ 24  per person, lunch included.  
Tour operated on:
Aug. 21 8:30-16:30 Aug. 23 8:30-16:30
Aug. 25 8:30-16:30 Aug. 27 8:30-16:30
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