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Plenary Lectures

Aug.28, 14:00-15:00  
Faddeev, Ludwig Dmitrievich Steklov Mathematical Institute,  Russia  
Knot-like solitons   

15 Minutes Break

Aug.28, 15:15-16:15   
Witten, Edward Institute for Advanced Study, USA  
Singularities In String Theory  

Invited Lectures

August 28, 9:00-9:45   
Cohen, Henri Jose Universite de Bordeaux I, France   
Constructing and counting number fields   
Klyachko, Alexander Bilkent University , Turkey   
Vector bundles, linear representations, quantum cohomology, and spectral problems  
Zaitsev, Andrei Yurievich St. Petersburg Branch of the Steklov Mathematical Institute , Russia  
Estimates for the strong approximation in multidimension central limit theorem  
Smillie, John Cornell University, USA  
Dynamics in two complex variables   
Schwab, Christoph  Seminar f┨r Angewandte Mathematik , Switzerland   
Numerical solution of elliptic problems with multiple scales and stochastic data   
Xiao, Shutie Tsinghua University, China   
Reforms of university mathematics education for non-mathematical specialties   

15 Minutes Break

August 28, 10:00-10:45  
Andrews, Benjamin Hardwick Australian National University, Australia   
Positively curved surfaces in the three-sphere   
Alesker, Semyou Tel Aviv University , Israel   
Algebraic structures on valuations, their properties and applications   
Rivi┬re, Tristan Joel Department of Mathematics, ETH Zurich, Switzerland.   
Bubbling quantization and regularity issues in non-linear geometric analysis   
Wojtkowski, Maciej P. University of Arizona , USA  
Weyl manifolds and Gaussian thermostats   
Barany, Imre Hungarian Academy of Sciences , Hungary and University College London , England   
Random points, convex boides,lattices  
Qu, Anjing Northwest University, China   
The third approach to the history of mathematics in China   

15 Minutes Break

August 28, 11:15-12:00   
Ding, Weiyue Institute of Mathematics, CAS and Peking University, China   
On the schrodinger flow   
Wang, Shicheng Peking University , China  
Non-zero degree maps between 3-manifolds  
Latala, Rafal Warsaw University , Poland  
On some inequalities for Gaussian measures   
Hong, Jiaxing Fudan University , China   
Some new developments of realization of surfaces in R^3  
Liu, Kefeng UCLA, USA  
Mathematical results inspired by physics  
Blokhuis, Aart Technical University Eindhoven, The Netherlands  
Combinatorial problems in finite geometry and lacunary polynomials  
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