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Plenary Lectures

Aug.22, 8:30-9:30   
Caffarelli, Luis Angel ,  University of Texas at Austin,  USA 
Non linear elliptic equations: some current issuess   

15 Minutes Break

Aug.22, 9:45-10:45   
Kac, Victor Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA  
Classification of supersymmetries   

15 Minutes Break

Aug.22, 11:15-12:15   
Haagerup, Uffe ,  University of Southern Denmark, Denmark    
Random Matrices, Free Probability and the Invariant Subspace Problem relative to a von Neumann Algebra  

Invited Lectures

August 22, 14:00-14:45    
Rubin, Karl , Stanford University , USA  
Elliptic curves and Iwasawa theory  
Chen, Xiuxiong , Princeton University , USA  
Recent Progress in K\"ahler geometry  
Kobayashi, Toshiyuki , Kyoto University , Japan  
Branching problems of unitary representations  
Bickel, Peter J. , University of California, USA  
Hidden Markov and state space models asymptotic analysis of exact and approximate for prediction,filtering, smoothing and statistical inference  
Bahouri, Hajer , Campus Universitaire , Tunisie  
Quasilinear wave equations and microlocal analysis  
Winkler, Peter , Fundamental Mathematics Research , Bell Laboratories 2C-365 , USA  
Systems with hard constraints  

15 Minutes Break

August 22, 15:00-15:45   
Ullmo, Emmanuel B. ,  Princeton University, USA  
Ergodic theory and arithmetic geometry  
Li, Peter Wai-Kwong , University of California at Irvine , USA  
Differential geometry via harmonic functions  
Mehta, Vikram Bhagvandas , Tata Institute of Fundamental Research , India  
Representations of algebraic groups and principal bundles on algebraic varieties  
Brown, Lawrence D. , University of Pennsylvania, USA   
Statistical Equivatence and Stochastic-Process Limit Theorems  
Tataru, Daniel Ioan Northwestern University , USA  
Nonlinear wave equations  
Reed, Bruce Alan Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France and McGill University, Canada  
Graph colouring via the probabilistic method  

30 Minutes Break

August 22, 16:15-17:00   
Furuta, Mikio The University of Tokyo , Japan  
Finite dimensional approximations in geometry  
Mukai, Shigeru, Kyoto University , Japan  
Vector bundles on a K3 surface  
Zelditch, Steven Johns Hopkins University , USA  
Asymptotics of polynomials and eigenfunctions  
Douglas, Michael Ronald, Rutgers University, USA  
Dirichlet branes, homological mirror symmetry, and stability  
Sethian, James A. , University of California at Berkeley, USA  
Ordered upwind methods: theory and algorithms for computing viscosity solutions to optimal control and non-viscosity solutions to wave propagation  
Mielke, Alexander , Universit?t Stuttgart, Germany  
Analysis of rate-independent material models using an energetic formulation  

15 Minutes Break

August 22, 17:15-18:00  
Teichner, Peter University of California, San Diego, USA  
Knots, von Neumann signatures and grope cobordism  
Reid, Miles , University of Warwick , England  
Update on 3-folds  
McQuillan, Michael Liam L'IHES , France  
Freed, Daniel S. , University of Texas at Austin , USA  
Twisted K-theory and the verlinde algebra  
Tadmor, Eitan , UCLA and University of Maryland, USA  
High resolution methods for time dependent problems with piecewise smooth solutions  
E, Weinan, Princeton University, USA and Peking University, China  
Probing multi-scale energy landscapes of complex systems  
  August 22  
14:00-14:45, 15:00-15:45, CH17C
Jahnke, Hans Niels, (Moderator),University of Essen, Germany
Ball, Deborah Loewenberg,School of Education, University of Michigan, USA
Hoyles, Celia M.,University of London, United Kingdom
Movshovitz-Hadar, Nitsa,Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Panel Group Two: Arguments from physics in mathematical proofs
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