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Plenary Lectures

Aug.26, 8:30-9:30   
Bressan, Alberto S.I.S.S.A. Italy  
Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws in One Space Dimension  

15 Minutes Break

Aug.26, 9:45-10:45   
Nakajima, Hiraku,  Kyoto University, Japan  
Geometric construction of representations of affine algebras   

15 Minutes Break

Aug.26, 11:15-12:15   
Taylor, Richard ,  Lawrence Harvard University, USA   
Galois representations, L-functions, motives and modular forms   

Invited Lectures

August 26, 14:00-14:45   
Totaro, Burt,University of Cambridge , UK  
Topology of singular algebraic varieties  
Nazarov, Maxim Leonidovich , University of York , UK  
Representations of Yangians  
Biane, Philippe, CNRS, DMA, ENS, France  
Free probability and combinatorics  
Noumi, Masatoshi, Kobe University, Japan  
Affine Weyl group symmetries in Painlev└ equations and discrete Painleve equations  
Kannan, Ravi , Yale University ,USA  
Rapid mixing in Markov chains  
Hales, Thomas C. ,  University of Michigan , USA  
A computer verification of the Kepler conjecture  
Panel Group 1  
Kaiser, Gabriele (Moderator) ,University of Hamburg, Germany   
Romberg, Thomas Albert , University of Wisconsin-Madison  
Leung, Frederick Koon-shing , The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong  
Yaschenko, Ivan ,  Moscow Center for Continuous Math Education, Russia  
International comparisons in mathematics education---an overview  

15 Minutes Break

August 26, 15:00-15:45   
Pink, Richard, ETH Zentrum , Switzerland  
Subvarieties of abelian varieties and the Manin-Mumford conjecture  
Harris, Michael H. , Universit└ Paris 7 , France  
On the local langlands correspondence  
Ge, Liming Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences , CAS, China  
Permutation groups and normal subgroups  
Nachtergaele, Bruno ,  University of California in Davis, USA  
Derivation of the Euler equations from many-body quantum mechanics  
Spielman, Daniel Alan , Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA  
Smoothed analysis  
Guo, Lei ,Institute of Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China  
Exploring the capability and limits of the feedback mechanism  

30 Minutes Break

August 26, 16:15-17:00   
Huber, Annette , Universitaet Leipzig, Germany  
Equivariant Bloch-Kato conjecture and non-abelian iwasawa main conjecture  
Petrunin, Anton , University of Park , USA  
Some applications of collapsing with bounded curvature  
Bolthausen, Erwin , Universit?t Z┨rich , Switzerland  
Localization-delocalization phenomena for random interfaces  
Zworski, Maciej , University of California at Berkeley, USA  
Quantum resonances and partial differential equations  
Fiedler, Bernold , Freie Universit?t Berlin, Germany  
Bifurcation without parameters: ODE and PDE examples  
Flajolet,Philippe , INRIA Rocquencourt, France  
Singular combinatorics  

15 Minutes Break

August 26, 17:15-18:00   
Wooley, Trevor Dion, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor , USA  
Diophantine methods for exponential sums, and exponential sums for Diophantine problems  
White, Brian Cabell , Stanford University , USA   
Evolution of Curves and Surfaces  
Chen, Mufa , Beijing Normal University, China  
Ergodic Convergence Rates of Markov Processes --- Eigenvalues, Inequalities and ergodic theory  
Wang, Xu-jia , Australian National University , Australia  
Affine maximal surfaces  
Forni, Giovanni , Princeton University , USA  
Asymptotic behaviour of ergodic integrals for `renormalizable' parabolic flows  
Linial, Nathan , Hebrew University, Israel  
Finite metric spaces-combinatorics, geometry and algorithms  
 August 26  Section18: Pannel Group One
14:00-14:45, 15:-15:45 CH17C
Kaiser, Gabriele, (Moderator),University of Hamburg, Institute 9, 
Von-Melle-Park 8, Germany
Leung, Frederick Koon-Shing,The University of Hong Kong, China
Romberg, Thomas Albert,University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Yaschenko, Ivan,Moscow Center for Continuous Math Education, Russia
Pannel Group One: International comparisons in mathematics education-an overview
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