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Plenary Lectures

Aug.27, 8:30-9:30   
Kesten, Harry Cornell University , USA
Some highlights of percolation 

15 Minutes Break

Aug.27, 9:45-10:45   
Chang, Sun-Yung Alice Princeton University, USA
Non-linear Partial Differential Equations in Conformal Geometry 

15 Minutes Break

Aug.27, 11:15-12:15   
Donoho, David Leigh ,  Stanford University, USA    

Invited Lectures

August 27, 14:00-14:45   
Lascar, Daniel , Universit└ de Paris 7  
Automorphisms groups of saturated structures,a review  
Goettsche, Lothar , The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics , Italy  
Hilbert schemes of points on surfaces  
Etingof, Pavel I. ,M.I.T. ,USA  
Dynamical quantum groups  
Heinonen, Juha Matti University of Michigan , USA  
The branch set of a quasiregular mapping  
Tracy, Craig Arnold , University of California Davis, USA  
Distribution functions for largest eigenvalues and their applications  

15 Minutes Break

August 27, 15:00-15:45   
Pandharipande, Rahul Vijay, California Institute of Technology , USA   
Gromov-Witten theory and the moduli space of curves  
Shahidi, Freydoon  Purdue University , USA    
Automorphic L-functions and functoriality  
Thiele, Christoph University of California, Los Angeles , USA  
Singular integrals meet modulation invariance  
Bricmont, Jean , Theoretical Physics at the University of Louvain ,Belgium   
Ergodicity and mixing for stochastic partial differential equations  
Otto, Felix , Universitat Bonn, Germany  
Multiscale analysis in micromagnetism  

30 Minutes Break

August 27, 16:15-17:00   
Tamarkin, Dmitry E. , Harvard University , USA  
Deformations of chiral algebras  
Rong, Xiaochun , Rutgers University at New Brunswick , USA  
Collapsing Riemannian manifolds with bounded sectional curvature and applications  
Speed, Terence Paul , University of California , USA  
Biological sequence analysis  
Liu, Tai-Ping , Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica ,Taiwan and Stanford University, USA  
Shock waves  
Shilnikov, Leonid Pavlovich , Institute of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics, Russia  
Bifurcations and strange attractors  
Demmel, James Weldon, University of California , USA  
The complexity of accurate floating point computation  

15 Minutes Break

August 27, 17:15-18:00    
Stafford, J. Toby University of Michigan , USA   
Noncommutative projective geometry   
Schwartz, Richard Evan University of Maryland , USA  
Complex hyperbolic deformations of triangle groups   
Pisztora, Agoston Carnegie Mellon University , USA  
Renormalization, large deviations and phase coexistence in Ising and precolation models   
Maz'ya, Vladimir Link?ping University , Mathematiska Institutionen , Sweden  
The Wiener test for higher order elliptic equations   
Treschev, Dmitry Moscow State University , Russia  
Continuous averaging in dynamical systems  
Luskin, Mitchell Barry University of Minnesota, USA   
Computational modeling of microstructure   

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