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Plenary Lectures

Aug.23, 8:30-9:30   
Alon, Noga  ,  Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv, Israel   
Discrete Mathematics: methods and challenges  

15 Minutes Break

Aug.23, 9:45-10:45   
Goldwasser, Shafi, MIT, USA; Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel  
Mathematical Foundations of Modern Cryptography: A Complexity Perspective  

15 Minutes Break

Kirwan, Frances Clare University of Oxford,  United Kingdom  
Cohomology of Moduli Spaces  

Invited Lectures

August 23, 14:00-14:45   
Biran, Paul Ian , Tel-Aviv University, Israel   
Geometry of symplectic intersections  
Esnault, Helene , Universität Essen, Germany  
Characteristic classes of connections and Gauss-Manin determinant  
Lawler, Gregory Francis .Duke University, USA  
Conformal invariance, universality, and the dimension of the brownian frontier  
Benedicks, Michael, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden   
Non uniformly hyperbolic dynamics: Henon maps and related dynamical systems  
Hori, Kentaro , School of Natural Sciences , Institute for Advanced Study , USA  
Mirror symmetry and quantum geometry  
Impagliazzo, Russell Graham , University of California,San Diego, USA  
Hardness as Randomness: a survey of universal derandomization  
Hansen, Vagn Lundsgaard ,The Technical University of Denmark, Denmark  
Popularizing mathematics: from eight to infinity  

15 Minutes Break

August 23, 15:00-15:45  
Long, Yiming , Nankai University , China  
Index iteration theory for symplectic paths with applications to nonlinear Hamiltonian systems  
Schechtman, Vadim , Universit└ Paul Sabatier, France  
On vertex algebras connected with algebraic varieties  
Bertoin, Jean , Universit└ Paris 6 et Marie Curie, France  
Some aspects of additive coalescents  
Rudolph, Daniel J., University of Maryland, USA  
Applications of orbit equivalence to actions of discrete amenable groups  
Jitomirskaya, Svetlana , University of California Irvine , USA  
Nonperturbative localization  
Raz, Ran ,  The Weizmann Institute , Israel  
PNP, propositional proof complexity, and resolution lower bounds for the weak pigeonhole principle  
Dorier, Jean-Luc  , Laboratoire Leibniz , 46, ave F.Viallet , France  
Teaching linear algebra at university  

30 Minutes Break

August 23, 16:15-17:00   
Gitik, Moti , Tel Aviv University, Israel  
The power set function  
Sela, Zlil , The Hebrew University, Israel  
Diophantine geometry over groups and the elementary theory of free and hyperbolic groups  
Giroux, Emmanuel Ecole Normal Superieure de Lyon(UMPA), France  
Contact geometry: from dimension three to higher dimensions  
Delorme, Partick , UPR 9016 du CNRS , France  
Harmonic analysis on reductive symmetric spaces  
Bisch, Dietmar Herbert , University of California at Santa Barbara, USA  
Subfactors and planar algebras  
El Karoui, Nicole , Ecole Polytechnique, France  
Measuring and hedging financial risks in a dynamic world  
Bottazzini, Umberto , Universit┐ di Palermo, Italy  
"Algebraic truths" vs "geometric fantasies": Weierstrass's response to Riemann  

15 Minutes Break

August 23, 17:15-18:00   
Woodin, Hugh, University of California at Berkeley, USA  
The continuum hypothesis, iterable structures and the Ω conjecture  
Rost, Markus, The Ohio State University, USA  
Norm Varieties and Algebraic Cobordism  
Bestivina, Mladen , University of Utah , USA  
The topology of Out(F_n)  
Meinrenken, Eckhard , University of Toronto, Canada  
Clifford algebras and the Duflo isomorphism  
Lafforgue, Vincent G. , Institut de Mathematiques de Jussieu , France  
Banach KK-theory and the Baum-Connes conjeture  
Yan, jia-an , Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences ,CAS, China  
A numeraire-free and original probability based framework for financial markets  
Epple, Moritz , Mathematisches Institut Universit?t Bonn, Germany  
From quaternions to cosmology: spaces of constant curvature,ca.1873-1925  
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