Schedule of Invited Lectures

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1. Logic (5)

Bouscaren,  Elisabeth , University Paris 7-CNRS , France  
Groups interpretable in theories of fields Aug. 21, 14:00-14:45
Denef, Jan,  Catholic University of Leuven , Belgium  
Motivic integration and the Grothendieck group of pseudo-finite fields  Aug. 21, 15:00-15:45
Gitik, Moti , Tel Aviv University, Israel  
The power set function Aug. 23, 16:15-17:00
Woodin, Hugh, University of California at Berkeley, USA  
The continuum hypothesis, iterable structures and the Ω conjecture Aug. 23, 17:15-18:00
Lascar, Daniel,  Université de Paris 7, France   
Automorphisms groups of saturated structures,a review Aug. 27, 14:00-14:45

2. Algebra (8)

Bigelow, Stephen J. , University of Melbourne , Australia  
Representations of braid groups Aug. 21, 14:00-14:45
Levine, Marc Noel,  Northeastern University, USA  
Algebraic Cobordism  Aug. 21, 15:00-15:45
Sela, Zlil , The Hebrew University, Israel  
Diophantine geometry over groups and the elementary theory of free and hyperbolic groups Aug. 23, 16:15-17:00
Rost, Markus , The Ohio State University, USA   
Norm Varieties and Algebraic Cobordism Aug.23, 17:15-18:00
Praeger,Cheryl Elisabeth , University of Western Australia, Australia  
Permutation groups and normal subgroups Aug.24, 16:15-17:00
Bondal, Alexei Igorevich,Steklov Institute of Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia  
Orlov, Dmitri Olegovich, Steklov Institute of Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia  
Derived categories of coherent sheaves  Aug.24, 17:15-18:00
Tamarkin, Dmitry E., Harvard University , USA  
Deformations of chiral algebras  Aug.27, 16:15-17:00
Stafford, J. Toby, University of Michigan , USA  
Noncommutative projective geometry  Aug.27, 17:15-18:00

3. Number Theory (9)

Fontaine, Jean-Marc, Université de Paris-Sud , France  
P-adic Analysis and Galois Representations Aug.21, 16:15-17:00
Cogdell, James W., Oklahoma State University , USA  
Piatetski-Shapiro, Ilya I.  , Yale University, USA and Tel_Aviv University, Isreal  
Converse theorems, functoriality, and applications to number theory Aug.21, 17:15-18:00
Rubin, Karl , Stanford University , USA  
Elliptic curves and Iwasawa theory Aug.22, 14:00-14:45
Ullmo, Emmanuel B. , Princeton University, USA  
Ergodic theory and arithmetic geometry Aug.22, 15:00-15:45
Kudla, Stephen S., University of Maryland, USA  
Derivatives of Eisenstein series and arithmetic geometry Aug.24, 14:00-14:45
Kato, Kazuya , University of Tokyo, Japan  
Bloch-Kato conjectures on zeta values Aug.24, 15:00-15:45
Huber, Annette , Universitaet Leipzig, Germany  
Equivariant Bloch-Kato conjecture and non-abelian iwasawa main conjecture Aug.26, 16:15-17:00
Wooley, Trevor Dion, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor , USA  
Diophantine methods for exponential sums, and exponential sums for Diophantine problems Aug.26, 17:15-18:00
Cohen, Henri Jose , Universite de Bordeaux I, France  
Constructing and counting number fields Aug.28, 9:00-9:45

4. Differential Geometry (14)

Bartnik, Robert , University of Canberra, Australia  
Mass and 3-metrics of non-negative scalar curvature  Aug.21, 14:00-14:45
Bray, Hubert Lewis, M.I.T., USA  
Black Holes and the Penrose Inequality in General Relativity Aug.21, 15:00-15:45
Li, Peter Wai-Kwong ,  University of California at Irvine , USA  
Differential geometry via harmonic functions  Aug.22, 15:00-15:45
Chen, Xiuxiong , Princeton Univ. and Univ. of  Wisconsin, USA  
Recent Progress in Kahler geometry Aug.22, 14:00-14:45
Biran, Paul Ian , Tel-Aviv University, Israel  
Geometry of symplectic intersections Aug.23, 14:00-14:45
Long, Yiming, Nankai University , China  
Index iteration theory for symplectic paths with applications to nonlinear Hamiltonian systems  Aug.23, 15:00-15:45
Seidel, Paul , Ecole Polytechnique , France  
Fukaya categories and deformations Aug.24, 14:00-14:45
Zhang, Weiping , Nankai Institute of Mathematics , Nankai University , China   
Heat kernels and the index theorems on even and odd dimensional manifolds Aug.24, 15:00-15:45
Petrunin, Anton , University of Park , USA  
Some applications of collapsing with bounded curvature Aug.26, 16:15-17:00
White, Brian Cabell , Stanford University , USA   
Evolution of Curves and Surfaces Aug.26, 17:15-18:00
Rong, Xiaochun ,  Rutgers University at New Brunswick , USA  
Collapsing Riemannian manifolds with bounded sectional curvature and applications Aug.27, 16:15-17:00
Schwartz, Richard Evan , University of Maryland , USA  
Complex hyperbolic deformations of triangle groups  Aug.27, 17:15-18:00
Andrews, Benjamin Hardwick , Australian National University, Australia  
Positively curved surfaces in the three-sphere  Aug.28, 10:00-10:45
Ding, Weiyue , Institute of Mathematics, CAS and Peking University, China  
On the Schrodinger flow  Aug.28, 11:15-12:00

5. Topology (9)

Hesselholt, Lars , Massachusetts Institute of Technolofy , USA  
Algebraic k-theory, topological Hochschild homology, and the de Rham-Witt complex Aug.21, 16:15-17:00
Tillmann, Ulrike Luise  , Oxford University, England   
The stable cohomology of mapping class groups: a homotopy approach Aug.21, 17:15-18:00
Furuta, Mikio , The University of Tokyo , Japan  
Finite dimensional approximations in geometry Aug.22, 16:15-17:00
Teichner, Peter , University of California, San Diego, USA  
Knots, von Neumann signatures and grope cobordism Aug.22, 17:15-18:00
Giroux, Emmanuel , Ecole Normal Superieure de Lyon (UMPA), France  
Contact geometry: from dimension three to higher dimensions  Aug.23, 16:15-17:00
Bestvina, Mladen , University of Utah , USA   
The topology of Out(F_n) Aug.23, 17:15-18:00
Chekanov, Yuri Vitalievich, Moscow Center for Continuous Mathematics Education , Russia   
Invariants of legendrian knots Aug.24, 16:15-17:00
Ionel, Eleny-Nicoleta , University of Wisconsin at Madison , USA  
Symplectic sums and Gromov-Witten invariants  Aug.24, 17:15-18:00
Wang, Shicheng  , Peking University , China  
Non-zero degree maps between 3-manifolds  Aug.28, 11:15-12:00

6. Algebraic and Complex Geometry (8)

Mukai, Shigeru , Kyoto University , Japan  
Vector bundles on a K3 surface  Aug.22, 16:15-17:00
Reid, Miles , University of Warwick , England   
Update on 3-folds  Aug.22, 17:15-18:00
Esnault, Hélène , Universität Essen, Germany  
Characteristic classes of connections and Gauss-Manin determinant Aug.23, 14:00-14:45
Schechtman, Vadim , Universit└ Paul Sabatier, France  
On vertex algebras connected with algebraic varieties Aug.23, 15:00-15:45
Totaro, Burt ,University of Cambridge , UK  
Topology of singular algebraic varieties Aug.26, 14:00-14:45
Pink, Richard , ETH Zentrum , Switzerland  
Subvarieties of abelian varieties and the Manin-Mumford conjecture Aug.26, 15:00-15:45
Goettsche, Lothar ,The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics , Italy  
Hilbert schemes of points on surfaces Aug.27, 14:00-14:45
Pandharipande, Rahul Vijay ,California Institute of Technology , USA  
Gromov-Witten theory and the moduli space of curves Aug.27, 15:00-15:45

7. Lie Group and Representation Theory (11)

Vigneras, Marie-France , U.F.R. de Mathematiques , France  
Modular representations of p-adic groups and of affine Hecke algebras Aug.21, 16:15-17:00
Gaitsgory, Dennis , Harvard University , USA  
On the geometric Langlands correspondence Aug.21, 17:15-18:00
Kobayashi, Toshiyuki , Kyoto University , Japan  
Branching problems of unitary representations Aug.22, 14:00-14:45
Mehta, Vikram Bhagvandas , Tata Institute of Fundamental Research , India   
Representations of algebraic groups and principal bundles on algebraic varieties Aug.22, 15:00-15:45
Delorme, Partick , UPR 9016 du CNRS , France  
Harmonic analysis on reductive symmetric spaces  Aug.23, 16:15-17:00
Meinrenken, Eckhard , University of Toronto,Canada  
Clifford algebras and the Duflo isomorphism Aug.23, 17:15-18:00
Nazarov, Maxim Leonidovich , University of York , UK  
Representations of Yangians Aug.26, 14:00-14:45
Harris, Michael H. , Université Paris 7 , France   
On the local langlands correspondence Aug.26, 15:00-15:45
Etingof, Pavel I. , M.I.T. ,USA  
Dynamical quantum groups Aug.27, 14:00-14:45
Shahidi, Freydoon  , Purdue University , USA  
Automorphic L-functions and functoriality Aug.27,15:00-15:45
Klyachko, Alexander , Bilkent University , Turkey  
Vector bundles, linear representations, quantum cohomology, and spectral problems Aug.28, 9:00-9:45

8. Real and Complex Analysis (8)

Kenig, Carlos E. , University of Chicago , USA  
Harmonic measure characterization of locally flat domains in Euclidean n-space Aug.21, 16:15-17:00
Lerner, Nicolas , Universit└ de Rennes 1 , France  
Solving pseudo-differential equations  Aug.21, 17:15-18:00
Zelditch, Steven , Johns Hopkins University , USA  
Asymptotics of polynomials and eigenfunctions  Aug.22, 16:15-17:00
McQuillan, Michael Liam , L'IHES , France  
Integrating $\partial\bar{\partial}$ Aug.22, 17:15-18:00
Zhou, Xiang-Yu , CAS and Zhejiang Univ., China  
Some results related to group actions in several complex variables  Aug.24, 16:15-17:00
Eremenko, Alexandre, Purdue University ,USA  
Value distribution and potential theory  Aug.24, 17:15-18:00
Heinonen, Juha Matti , University of Michigan , USA  
The branch set of a quasiregular mapping  Aug.27, 14:00-14:45
Thiele, Christoph , University of California, Los Angeles , USA  
Singular integrals meet modulation invariance  Aug.27, 15:00-15:45

9. Operator Algebra and Functional Analysis (6)

Bisch, Dietmar Herbert , University of California at Santa Barbara, USA  
Subfactors and planar algebras Aug.23, 16:15-17:00
Lafforgue, Vincent G. , Institut de Mathematiques de Jussieu , France  
Banach KK-theory and the Baum-Connes conjeture Aug.23, 17:15-18:00
Biane, Philippe, CNRS, DMA, ENS, France  
Free probability and combinatorics Aug.26, 14:00-14:45
Ge, liming , Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences , CAS, China  
Free probability, free entropy and applications to von Neumann algebras Aug.26, 15:00-15:45
Alesker, Semyou , Tel Aviv University , Israel   
Algebraic structures on valuations, their properties and applications Aug.28, 10:00-10:45
Latala, Rafal, Warsaw University , Poland  
On some inequalities for Gaussian measures Aug.28, 11:15-12:00

10. Probability & Statistics (13)

Ben Arous, Gerard Albert ,Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland  
Aging and spin-glass dynamics Aug.21, 14:00-14:45
Zeitouni, Ofer , Department of Electrical Engineering, Technion , Israel  
Random walks in random environments and approximate regeneration structures Aug.21, 15:00-15:45
Bickel, Peter J. , University of California, USA  
Hidden Markov and state space models: exact and approximate asymptotic analysis for prediction, filtering, smoothing and statistical inference Aug.22, 14:00-14:45
Brown, Lawrence D. , University of Pennsylvania, USA   
Statistical Equivatence and Stochastic-Process Limit Theorems Aug.22, 15:00-15:45
Lawler, Gregory Francis , Duke University, USA   
Conformal invariance, universality, and the dimension of the Brownian frontier Aug.23, 14:00-14:45
Bertoin, Jean ,Université Paris 6 et Marie Curie, France  
Some aspects of additive coalescents Aug.23, 15:00-15:45
Peres, Yuval ,University of California , USA "   
Brownian intersections, cover times and thick points via trees Aug.24, 14:00-14:45
Johansson, Kurt , Royal Institute of Technology ,Sweden  
Toeplitz determinants, random growth and determinantal processes Aug.24, 15:00-15:45
Bolthausen, Erwin ,Universit?t Z┨rich , Switzerland   
Localization-delocalization phenomena for random interfaces  Aug.26, 16:15-17:00
Chen, Mufa ,Beijing Normal University, China   
Ergodic Convergence Rates of Markov Processes --- Eigenvalues, Inequalities and trgodic theory Aug.26, 17:15-18:00
Speed, Terence Paul , University of California , USA   
Biological sequence analysis Aug.27, 16:15-17:00
Pisztora, Agoston ,Carnegie Mellon University , USA  
Renormalization, large deviations and phase coexistence in Ising and percolation models Aug.27, 17:15-18:00
Zaitsev, Andrei Yurievich , St. Petersburg Branch of the Steklov Mathematical Institute , Russia  
Estimates for the strong approximation in multidimension central limit theorem Aug.28, 9:00-9:45

11. Partial Differential Equations (12)

Ambrosio, Luigi, Scuola Normale Superiore , Italy  
Optimal transport maps in Monge-Kantorovich problem Aug.21, 14:00-14:45
Wu, Sijue , University of Maryland , USA   
Recent progress in mathematical analysis of vortex sheets Aug.21, 15:00-15:45
Bahouri, Hajer , Campus Universitaire , Tunisie  
Quasilinear wave equations and microlocal analysis Aug.22, 14:00-14:45
Tataru, Daniel Ioan , Northwestern University , USA  
Nonlinear wave equations Aug.22, 15:00-15:45
Kilpeläinen, Tero , University of Jyväskylä, Finland  
p-Laplacian type equations involving measures Aug.24, 14:00-14:45
Li, Yanyan , Rutgers University , USA    
Some conformally invariant equations and related topics Aug.24, 15:00-15:45
Zworski, Maciej , University of California at Berkeley, USA  
Quantum resonances and partial differential equations  Aug.26, 16:15-17:00
Wang, Xu-jia , Australian National University , Australia  
Affine maximal surfaces Aug.26, 17:15-18:00
Liu, Tai-Ping, Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica ,Taiwan and Stanford University, USA   
Shock waves Aug.27, 16:15-17:00
Maz'ya, Vladimir , Linköping University , Mathematiska Institutionen , Sweden  
The Wiener test for higher order elliptic equations  Aug.27, 17:15-18:00
Rivi┬re, Tristan Joel , Department of Mathematics, ETH Zurich, Switzerland.  
Bubbling quantization and regularity issues in non-linear geometric analysis Aug.28, 10:00-10:45
Hong, Jiaxing ,Fudan University , China  
Some new developments of realization of surfaces in R^3 Aug.28, 11:15-12:00

12. ODE and Dynamical Systems (11)

Chenciner, Alain, Astronomie et Systems Dynamiques , IMCCE , France and Universit└ de Paris VII, France  
Action minimizing solutions of the Newtonian n-body problem; from homology to symmetry Aug.21, 14:00-14:45
Feireisl, Eduard , Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic  
The dynamical systems approach to the Naiver-Stockes equations of compressible 
barotropic flows
Aug.21, 15:00-15:45
Benedicks, Michael, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden  
Non uniformly hyperbolic dynamics: Henon maps and related dynamical systems  Aug.23, 14:00-14:45
Rudolph, Daniel J., University of Maryland, USA  
Applications of orbit equivalence to actions of discrete amenable groups Aug.23, 15:00-15:45
Bonatti, Christian , Universit└ de Bourgogne , Laboratoire de Topologie , France  
$C^1$-generic dynamics: tame and wild behavior Aug.24, 16:15-17:00
Pujals, Enrique Ramiro ,Universidade Federal of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil  
Tangent bundles dynamics and its consequences Aug.24, 17:15-18:00
Fiedler, Bernold, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany  
Bifurcation without parameters: ODE and PDE examples Aug.26, 16:15-17:00
Forni, Giovanni, Princeton University , USA   
Asymptotic behaviour of ergodic integrals for `renormalizable' parabolic flows  Aug.26, 17:15-18:00
Shilnikov, Leonid Pavlovich , Institute of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics, Russia  
Bifurcations and strange attractors  Aug.27, 16:15-17:00
Treschev, Dmitry , Moscow State University , Russia  
Continuous averaging in dynamical systems Aug.27, 17:15-18:00
Smillie, John , Cornell University, USA  
Dynamics in two complex variables Aug.28, 9:00-9:45

13. Mathematical Physics (12)

Douglas, Michael Ronald , Rutgers University, USA   
Dirichlet branes, homological mirror symmetry , and stability Aug.22, 16:15-17:00
Freed, Daniel S., University of Texas at Austin , USA  
Twisted K-theory and the verlinde algebra Aug.22, 17:15-18:00
Hori, Kentaro , School of Natural Sciences , Institute for Advanced Study , USA  
Mirror symmetry and quantum geometry Aug.23, 14:00-14:45
Jitomirskaya,Svetlana , University of California Irvine , USA  
Nonperturbative localization Aug.23, 15:00-15:45
Eckmann, Jean-Pierre , University of Geneva, Switzerland  
Non-equilibrium steady states Aug.24, 16:15-17:00
Nekrasov, Nikita Aleksandrovich ,Institut de Hautes Etudes Scientifiques , France  
Instanton combinatorics Aug.24, 17:15-18:00
Noumi, Masatoshi, Kobe University, Japan  
Affine Weyl group symmetries in Painlev└ equations and discrete Painleve equations Aug.26, 14:00-14:45
Nachtergaele, Bruno, University of California in Davis, USA  
Derivation of the Euler equations from many-body quantum mechanics Aug.26, 15:00-15:45
Tracy, Craig Arnold, University of California Davis,USA  
Distribution functions for largest eigenvalues and their applications Aug.27, 14:00-14:45
Bricmont, Jean , Theoretical Physics at the University of Louvain ,Belgium  
Ergodicity and mixing for stochastic partial differential equations Aug.27, 15:00-15:45
Wojtkowski, Maciej P. , University of Arizona , USA  
Weyl manifolds and Gaussian thermostats  Aug.28, 10:00-10:45
Liu, Kefeng  , UCLA, USA  
Mathematical results inspired by physics Aug.28, 11:15-12:00

14. Combinatorics (8)

Winkler, Peter, Fundamental Mathematics Research , Bell Laboratories 2C-365 , USA  
Systems with hard constraints  Aug.22, 14:00-14:45
Reed, Bruce Alan , Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France and McGill University, Canada  
Graph colouring via the probabilistic method Aug.22, 15:00-15:45
Ziegler, G┨nter M. , Technical University of Berlin, Germany  
Face numbers of 3-spheres and 4-polytopes  Aug.24, 14:00-14:45
Cornuejols, Gerard , Carnegie-Mellon University, USA   
The strong perfect graph conjecture Aug.24, 15:00-15:45
Flajolet, Philippe , INRIA Rocquencourt, France  
Singular combinatorics Aug.26, 16:15-17:00
Linial, Nathan , Hebrew University, Israel  
Finite metric spaces-combinatorics, geometry and algorithms  Aug.26, 17:15-18:00
Barany, Imre , Hungarian Academy of Sciences , Hungary and University College London , England  
Random points, convex boides, lattices Aug.28, 10:00-10:45
Blokhuis, Aart , Technical University Eindhoven, The Netherlands  
Combinatorial problems in finite geometry and lacunary polynomials Aug.28, 11:15-12:00

15. Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science (7)

Arora, Sanjeev , Princeton University, USA  
How NP got a new definition: a survey of probabilistically checkable proofs  Aug.21, 16:15-17:00
Feige, Uriel , The Weizmann Institute , Israel  
Approximation thresholds for combinatorial optimization problems Aug.21, 17:15-18:00
Impagliazzo, Russell Graham , University of California,San Diego, USA  
Hardness as Randomness: a survey of universal derandomization Aug.23, 14:00-14:45
Raz, Ran ,The Weizmann Institute , Israel    
P』NP, propositional proof complexity, and resolution lower bounds for the weak pigeonhole principle Aug.23, 15:00-15:45
Kannan, Ravi , Yale University ,USA  
Rapid mixing in Markov chains Aug.26, 14:00-14:45
Spielman, Daniel Alan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA  
Smoothed analysis Aug.26, 15:00-15:45

16. Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing (7)

Sethian, James A., University of California at Berkeley, USA  
Ordered upwind methods: theory and algorithms for computing viscosity solutions  to optimal control and non-viscosity solutions to wave propagation Aug.22, 16:15-17:00
Tadmor, Eitan ,UCLA and University of Maryland, USA  
High resolution methods for time dependent problems with piecewise smooth solutions Aug.22, 17:15-18:00
Cohen, Albert A., Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, France  
Adaptive wavelet schemes for PDE's Aug.24, 16:15-17:00
Rannacher, Rolf C. , University of Heidelberg , Germany  
Adaptive finite element methods for partial differential equations  Aug.24, 17:15-18:00
Demmel, James Weldon , University of California , USA  
The complexity of accurate floating point computation Aug.27, 16:15-17:00
Luskin, Mitchell Barry , University of Minnesota, USA  
Computational modeling of microstructure Aug.27, 17:15-18:00
Schwab, Christoph , Seminar f┨r Angewandte Mathematik , Switzerland  
Numerical solution of elliptic problems with multiple scales and stochastic data Aug.28, 9:00-9:45

17. Applications of Mathematics in Sciences (11)

Brenier, Yann , Université de Nice, France  
On some geometric PDEs related to hydrodynamics and electrodynamics Aug.21, 16:15-17:00
Xin, Zhouping , The Chinese University of Hong Kong , Hong Kong  
Analysis of some singular solutions in fluid dynamics Aug.21, 17:15-18:00
Mielke, Alexander , Universität Stuttgart, Germany  
Analysis of rate-independent material models using an energetic formulation Aug.22, 16:15-17:00
E, Weinan , Princeton University, USA and Peking University, China  
Probing multi-scale energy landscapes of complex systems Aug.22, 17:15-18:00
El Karoui, Nicole , Ecole Polytechnique, France  
Measuring and hedging financial risks in a dynamic world  Aug.23, 16:15-17:00
Yan, Jia-an, Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences , CAS, China  
A numeraire-free and original probability based framework for financial markets Aug.23, 17:15-18:00
Quarteroni, Alfio Maria , EPFL , Switzerland and Politechico di Milano , Milan , Italy   
Mathematical and numerical modelling of the cardiovascular SYST Aug.24, 14:00-14:45
Kopell, Nancy Jane , Boston University , USA  
Rhythms of the nervous system: mathematical themes and variations Aug.24, 15:00-15:45
Hales, Thomas C., University of Michigan , USA  
A computer verification of the Kepler conjecture  Aug.26, 14:00-14:45
Guo, Lei , Institute of Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China  
Exploring the capability and limits of the feedback mechanism Aug.26, 15:00-15:45
Otto, Felix ,Universitat Bonn, Germany  
Multiscale analysis in micromagnetism Aug.27, 15:00-15:45

18. Mathematics Education and Popularization of Mathematics (3)

Hansen, Vagn Lundsgaard , The Technical University of Denmark, Denmark  
Popularizing mathematics: from eight to infinity Aug.23, 14:00-14:45
Dorier, Jean-Luc , Laboratoire Leibniz , 46, ave F.Viallet , France  
Teaching linear algebra at university Aug.23, 15:00-15:45
Xiao, Shutie , Tsinghua University, China  
Reforms of university mathematics education for non-mathematical specialties Aug.28, 9:00-9:45
Panel Group 1   
Kaiser, Gabriele (Moderator) , University of Hamburg, Germany  
Romberg, Thomas Albert ,  University of Wisconsin-Madison  
Leung, Frederick Koon-shing , The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong  
Yaschenko, Ivan,  Moscow Center for Continuous Math Education, Russia   
International comparisons in mathematics education---an overview Aug.26, 14:00-15:30
Panel Group 2   
Jahnke, Hans Niels (Moderator), University of Essen, Germany    
Ball, Deborah Leowenberg , University of Michigan, USA   
Hoyles, Celia Mary, University of London, UK   
Movshovitz-Hadar, Nitsa , Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Israel   
The Teaching of proof Aug.22, 14:00-15:30

19. History of Mathematics (3)

Bottazzini, Umberto , Università di Palermo, Italy  
"Algebraic truths" vs "geometric fantasies": Weierstrass's response to Riemann Aug.23, 16:15-17:00
Epple, Moritz , Mathematisches Institut Universität Bonn, Germany  
From quaternions to cosmology: spaces of constant curvature,ca.1873-1925 Aug.23, 17:15-18:00
Qu, Anjing , Northwest University, China  
The third approach to the history of mathematics in China Aug.28, 10:00-10:45
* In section 18, there will be also two panel discussion sessions, each of which lasts 90 minutes with 4 invited speakers. 
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