Tour Notes

For the transportation from the airport to the hotel, you need to pay attention to something as below:

There will be conference staffs at the Airport on August 18, 19 and the morning of 20th to meet the arriving Congress participants. The conference staffs will give you directions and tell you how to take a taxi to your hotel .


You may have to pay about RMB110 (=US$14) for a taxi from airport to Continental Grand Hotel. So change some money inside the airport. ( Sorry the exchange counter may close if you arrive after 21:30.) The exchange rate is exactly the same all over China (1 USD in cash : 8.07RMB).


A. When you leave the airport, go out of airport lobby from Gate 7, don't pay attention to those who ask you "taxi?"

(It is very IMPORTANT that you won't be cheated by a few non-licensed "black" taxi driver. They might charge you USD100 instead of USD16.)


B.  Out of Lobby Gate 7, there is a Taxi Station and a queue (a line) for people who wait for a taxi. It is fair over there.
C.  Ask for a receipt everytime  you take a taxi.
D.  If they ask for more than RMB140 from you, refuse and ask help from hotel manager.
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