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Section 18   Mathematical Education and Popularization of Mathematics


August 21

Short Communication/Poster

16:15-17:15,   R3058
Emmer,Michele, Universit di Roma,Italy
Mathematics and culture: the role in education
Kaino, Luckson M , University of Botswana, Bostswana
Mathematics curricular developments and change. Challenges in the 21st century.
Ashna, Amirhossein , Islamic Azad University, Iran
Standards in mathematics education for international comparisons
Hughes, Anne C , St. John s University, USA
The poetry of mathematics
17:20-18:20,   R3058
Gusev, Valery A.. , Moscow Pedagogical State University, Russia
Modern state and changes in mathematics teacher training in russian federation
Cassy, Bhangy , Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Mozambique
Mathematics teachers' attitude in Mozambican secondary classrooms
Dev Sarma, Bijoy K , North Easter Hill University,Shillong, Meghalaya, India
Maths learning strategies among the FGL-STs of NE India
Ai, Sumei , Cangzhou Teacher's College, Hebei, China
The cultivation of creative thought and mathematical teaching

August 24

Short Communication/Poster

13:40-14:40,   R3058
Safuanov, Ildar S. , Pedagogical Institute of Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia
Design of the system of genetic teaching of algebra at universities
Diansuy, Maria Ailynn A. , University of the East, Philippines
Reflective thinking through journal writing: a strategy in enhancing learning in plane analytic geometry
Holte, John M. , Gustavus Adolphus College, USA
Properties of O-regularly varying sequences: elementary proofs
Koenig, Gerhard , FIZ Karlsruhe, Germany
Electronic access to research literature in mathematics education
14:45-15:45,   R3058
Ito, Yoshihiko , The Mathematics Certification Institute L3 of Japan, Japan
On lecture of mathematics at university
Pourkazemi, Mohammad Hossein , Vice Chanceller for Iranian Measurement & Evaluation Org. and ShahidBeheshti Un., Iran
The necessity of using multiple-choice items in the Trans-Iranian admission test of mathematics
Shahvarani-Semnani, Ahmad , Shahid Beheshti University, Iran
The place of trigonometry in secondary schools in Iran
Michtchenko, Tatiana M. , Institute of General and Secondary Education of Russian Academy of Education, Russia
Basic geometric configurations as a principle of methodical maintenance of the school geometry course
17:20-18:20,   Poster
Constantinescu, Gabriela , Constanta School Inspectorate, Romania
Strategic mathematical education technology planning
Vasquez-Martinez, Claudio-Rafael , University of Guadalajara, Mexico
A methodology in the teaching process of calculus and its motivation
Ziegenbalg, Jochen , University of Education Karlsruhe, Germany
Older and newer uses of computer technology in German mathematics education

August 27

Short Communication/Poster

16:15-17:15,   R3058
Katsap, Ada , Kaye College of Education, Israel
Mathematics teacher education in a humanistic mathematics light: process and products
Tong, Zengxiang , Otterbein College, USA
To teach is to learn -- east meets west
Yang, Deyun , School of Math., Nankai University, China
The analysis of the Ravan reasoning test table
17:20-18:20,   R3058
Jin, Guitang , Beijing Xicheng College of Economic Science, China
Calculus Bible, the road leading to the reform of calculus teaching
Hu, Ching-lin , Xichang Teacher's College, China
Higher mathematical education in Yi-Han languages
Li, Min , Luoding Vocational and Technological College, China
Types of personnel determine types of textbook
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