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Section 14   Combinatorics


August 21

Short Communication/Poster

13:40-14:40,   R5019
Ayoub,Ayoub B., Penn State Abington College,USA
Euler's triangle and the sum of powers of the natural numbers
Balmaceda, Jose Maria P. , University of the Philippines, Philippines
Type II matrices and related structures
Li, Qiao , Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
An approach to solving Ak=J-I
Yuan, Huiping , Yuzhou University, China
On decision of complex positive definite matrices
14:45-15:45,   R5019
De Loera Herrera, Jesus A. , University of California, USA
Complexity and combinatorics of 3way transportation polytopes
Fang, Qizhi , Ocean University of Qingdao, China
Checking membership in the core for some cooperative games
Farr, Graham E , Monash University, Australia
Graph polynomials from the game of Go
Okamoto, Yoshio , ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Submodularity of some classes of the combinatorial optimization games
16:15-17:15,   R5023
Chen, Rongsi , Fuzhou University, China
The construction of minimal regular coronoid systems
Guo, Xiaofeng , Xiamen University, China
Enumeration of linearly independent and minimal conjugated circuits in benzenoid hydrocabons
Zhang, Fuji , Xiamen University, China
Spectra of truncated cubic polyhedra and clique-inserted-graphs
Zhang, Heping , Lanzhou University, China
Distributive lattice structure on the set of perfect matchings of a plane bipartite graph
17:20-18:20,   R5023
Curran, Stephen , University of Pittsburgh, USA
Enumeration of Hamilton paths in Cayley digraphs
Eslahchi, Changiz , Shahid Beheshti University, Iran
Characterization of graphs with Hall number 2
Faridi, Sara , George Washington University, USA
Simplicial complexes as higher dimensional graphs, and applications to Cohen-Macaulayness of quotients of monomial ideals
Ferrero, Daniela , Southwest Texas State University, USA
Connectivity and superconnectivity of iterated path graphs

August 22

Short Communication/Poster

16:15-17:15,   CH14
Crnkovic, Dean , University of Rijeka, Croatia
On Hadamard (35,17,8) designs
Eslami, Ziba , Institute for Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics (IPM), Iran
Application of trades in construction/enumeration of combinatorial objects
Thas, Joseph Adolphe , Ghent University - Department of Pure Mathematics and Computer Algebra, Belgium
Characterizations of quadric and Hermitian Veroneseans over finite fields
Khosrovshahi, Gholamreza B. , IPM and University of Tehran, Iran
On large sets of t-designs
17:20-18:20,   CH14
Lei, Jianguo , Hebei Normal University, China
On large set of Kirkman triple system
Rukavina, Sanja , University of Rijeka / Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka, Croatia
Symmetric (40,13,4) designs having an automorphism of order six
Shen, Hao , Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
Embeddings of resolvable and almost resolvable Mendelsohn triple systems
Sinha, Kishore Nil , Birsa Agricultural University, India
Constructions of othogonal arrays of strength two from block designs

August 24

Short Communication/Poster

13:45-15:45,   Poster
Hachimori, Masahiro , University of Tsukuba, Japan
Shellability and constructibility of 2-complexes
16:15-17:15,   CH14
Haase, Christian , Duke University, USA
A combinatorial model for SYZ mirror symmetry
Hajiabolhassan, Hossein , Shahid Beheshti University, Iran
Sparse H-colourable graphs with large girth
Huang, Jing , University of Victoria, Canada
Intersection graphs and list homomorphisms
Kajimoto, Hiroshi , Nagasaki University, Japan
On a weight in the Pólya-Redfield-De Bruijn counting, and Twelvefold way
17:20-18:20,   CH14
Li, Dengxing , Yuzhou University, China
A survey: some problems on The Hamiltonian property of Cayley graphs
Li, Weimin , Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
Graphs with regular monoids
Xiang, Kai-Yao , No.1 High School, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, China
A method constructing the minimal group with graph
Huang, Yiru , Shanghai University, China
The parameter upper bounds for Ramsey numbers R(m,n,l) and R(m,n,l,s)

August 26

Short Communication/Poster

13:40-14:40,   R5014
Keedwell, A.D. , University of Surrey, United Kingdom
Partially orthogonal latin squares and near projective planes
Kwon, DoYong , Seoul National University, South Korea
Sturmian words, b-expansions and transcendence
Lavrauw, Michel , Universita Degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Italy
Semifield planes of odd order and good eggs in a (4n-1)-dimensional projective space over a finite field of odd order.
Paseman, Gerhard , U. C. Berkeley, USA
The pros and cons of being top-heavy
14:45-15:45,   R5014
Riznyk, Volodymyr V. , Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine
Perfect distribution phenomenon, theory and applications
Yan, Catherine H , Texas A&M University, USA
Goncarov polynomials and parking functions
Yeh, Yeong-Nan , Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
Dyck paths with peaks avoiding or restricted to a given set
Zeng, Jiang , Institut Girard Desargues, Universite Claude Bernard (Lyon 1), France
New identities of hall-littlewood polynomials and new identities of Rogers-Ramanujan type

August 27

Short Communication/Poster

16:15-17:15,   R5021
Li, Yusheng , Hohai University, China
The asymptotic upper bounds of some Ramsey functions
Mahmoodian, Ebadollah S. , Sharif University of Technology, Iran
On the spectrum of the forced matching number of graphs
Kang, Qingde , Hebei Normal University, China
Decompositions, packings and coverings of lKv into some graphs with six vertices and seven edges
Moazzami, Dara
17:20-18:20,   R5021
Wu, Haidong , University of Mississippi, USA
Contractible elements in graphs and matroids
Zhang, Xiao-Dong , Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Maximum cuts of cubic graphs
Zhang, Zhongfu , Lanzhou Railway University, China
On the equitable adjacent strong edge coloring of graphs
Zhao, Ying , School of Math & Computer Science, Shanxi Teachers University, China
The classification of bent functions
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