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Section 04   Differetial Geometry


August 21

Short Communication/Poster

16:15-17:15,   Poster
Xu, Deliang , Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
On the Regularity of stationary Harmonic Maps
Ozen, Fusun , Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
On Weakly Concircular Symmetric Spaces
Altay, Sezgin , Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
On The Generalized Codazzi Function In a Riemannian Hypersurface With Sem-Symmetric Metric Connection
16:15-17:15,   CH13
Enomoto,Kazuyuki, Tokyo University of Science,Japan
Total absolute curvature of nonclosed curves in the 2-sphere
Fanaai, Hamidreza , Sharif University of Technology, Iran
On homogeneous Einstein spaces with negative scalar curvature
Hou, Zhong Hua , Dalian University of Technology, China
A result on Lagrangian submanifolds in nearly Kähler manifold
Nikonorov, Yurii Gennadyevich , Rubtsovsk Industrial Institute, Russia
New examples of Einstein homogeneous metrics
17:20-18:20,   CH13
Shen, Yibing , Zhejiang University, China
On complete submanifolds with parallel mean curvature and finite total curvature
Ohtsuka, Fumiko , Ibaraki University, Japan
Structures of flat piecewise Riemannian 2-polyhedra
Moriya, Katsuhiro , University of Tsukuba, Japan
Moduli spaces of minimal surfaces of genus one with one end
Savin, Anton Yu. , Moscow State University, Russia
Index defects for boundary value problems and the n-invariant

August 22

Short Communication/Poster

16:15-17:15,   R3018
Cheng, Qing-Ming , Saga University, Japan
The differentiable structures and the metric structures of submanifolds
Auroux, Denis , Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau), France
Singular plane curves and symplectic manifolds
Igarashi, Masayuki , Tokyo University of Science, Japan
On compact Hermite-Liouville manifolds
Xu, Hongwei , Zhejiang University, China
Lower bounds for eigenvalues of Laplace-Beltrami operator on compact manifolds
16:15-17:15,   R5019
Lu, Zhiqin , University of California, Irvine, USA
K energy and K stability on hypersurfaces
Matveev, Vladimir , Freiburg University, Germany
Geodesic rigidity
Rossman, Wayne F , Kobe University, Japan
Constant mean curvature trinoids in space forms
Proskouriakov, Mikhail N , Central Research Institute of Building Constructions, Moscow, Russia
Two quasi-spherical transgormations of hyperbolic plane metrics
17:20-18:20,   R3018
Gorbatsevich, Vladimir V. , Russian State Technological University (MATI), Russia
Isometry groups of solvable and nilpotent Lie groups
Barberis, Maria Laura , FaMAF, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina
Complex structures on affine motion groups
Grushko, Pavel Jakovlevich , Irkutsk University, Russia
Homogeneous conformally-octonion structures
Gorodski, Claudio , Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil
Taut representations
17:20-18:20,   R5019
Leichtweiss, Kurt , Mathematisches Institue B, Germany
Affinely convex ovals
Cristea, Valentin Gabriel , University Valachia Targoviste, Romania
Conservation of superenergy
Flores-Espinoza, Ruben , Universidad de Sonora, Mexico
Coupling forms and Hamiltonian dynamics on fiber bundles
Matsuyama, Yoshio , Chuo University, Japan
On totally real submanifolds of a complex projective space

August 23

Short Communication/Poster

16:15-17:15,   R5017
Kouzoub, Natalie M. , Irkutsk State University, Russia
Bonnet theorem in octonion geometry
Knight, Robert , University of Guam, USA
A classification theorem for the oriented Apollonius contact problem
Khots, Dmitriy , University of Iowa, USA
Canonical coordinates in P-groups
Li, Zhen-Qi , Nanchang University, China
Rigidity theorem of CR 3-manifolds with constant curvature immersed minimally in CPn
17:20-18:20,   R5017
Gigena, Salvador Daniel Ramon , Universidad Nacional de Rosario - Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Ingenieria y Agrimensura, Argentina
Affine hyypersurfaces with parallel second fundamental form
Naveira, Antonio M. , Universidad de Valencia, Spain
Two open problems in real and complex integral geometry
Wei, Guofang , UCSB, USA
Hausdorff limits and universal covers
Rakic, Zoran , Faculty of Mathematics, Yugoslavia
Decomposition of curvature tensor of a Grassmann manifold

August 24

Short Communication/Poster

16:15-17:15,   R5017
Dryuma, Valerii , Institute of Mathematics & Informatics AS Moldova, Moldova
Integration of the vacuum Einstein equations with tools of the linear problem in eight dimensional Riscci-flat Riemann space
Gu, Weiqing , Harvey Mudd College, USA
Examples of Cayley manifolds
Negreiros, Caio J. C. , University of Campinas, Brazil
On the classification of invariant Hermitian structures on flag manifolds
Xia, Chang Yu , Foundation University of Brasilia, Brazil
Large volume growth and the topology of open manifolds
17:20-18:20,   R5017
Golubyatnikov, Vladimir Petrovich , Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Russia
Reconstruction of multidimensional objects from the shapes of their projections
Gorkavyy, Vasyl A. , Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics, Ukraine
Guichard orthogonal systems
Kubarski, Jan , Technical University of Lodz , Institute of Mathematics, Poland
Signature of some transitive Lie algebroids
Rybicki, Tomasz , Faculty of Appl. Mathematics at AGH, Poland
An abstract setting of the infinite dimensional Lie theory

August 26

Short Communication/Poster

13:40-14:40,   R3051
He, Huixia , Tsinghua University, China
On eigenmaps between spheres
Sheng, Weimin , Zhejiang University, China
Harnack inequality for the mean curvature flow
Ushijima, Akira , Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
A volume formula for generalized hyperbolic tetrahedra
Vasin, Dmitrii V. , Rubtsovsk Industrial Institute, Russia
On one problem of L.F. Toth in En
14:45-15:45,   R3051
Ouyang, Chongzhen , Nanchang University, China
The spectral geomety of some locally symmetric manifolds
Udriste, Constantin , University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania
Continuous and discrete geometric dynamics
Pan, Jianzhong , AMSS, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
A generalized intersection theorem
Sedykh, Vyacheslav Dmitrievich , University of Oil and Gas (Gubkin), Russia
On topology of singularities of wave fronts
16:15-17:15,   R3051
Sullivan, John M , University of Illinois, USA
The ropelength of knots and links
Karpunin, Grigory , Research Institute of Automatics, Russia
Minimal networks and combinatorial Morse theory
Kashani, S.M.B , Tarbiat modarres University/School of sciences, Iran
On cohomogeneity one flat Riemannian manifolds
Mendonca, Sergio, UFF, Brazil,
A connectedness principle in the geometry of positice curvature
17:20-18:20,   R3051
Dmitruk, Andrei V. , Central Econ.Math. Inst., Russian Acad. Sci., Russia
Quadratic sufficient conditions for strong minimality of abnormal sub-Riemannian geodesics
Cheng, Xinyue , Chongqing Institute of Technology, China
Finsler conformal transformations and the curvature invariances
Mokhov, Oleg I. , Centre for Nonlinear Studies, L.D.Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Russian
Compatible metrics of constant Riemannian curvature:local geometry, nonlinear equations and integrability
Yasemin, Bahar , Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey
On a complete system of differential invariants of a path in an unitary space

August 27

Short Communication/Poster

13:40-14:40,   CH14
Alexandrov, Victor , Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Russia
Minkowski-type theorems for polyhedral herissons
Milan, Francisco , Universidad de Granada, Spain
Linear Weingarten surfaces in R3
Kuciuk, L. , The University of New Mexico, USA
An introduction to the Smarandache geometries
Gong, Jianhua , The University of Auckland, New Zealand
On quasiconformally homogeneous manifolds in space
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