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Section 12   Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems


August 21

Short Communication/Poster

16:15-17:15,   R3030
Shao,Zhoude, Millersville University,USA
Approximate inertial manifolds for partly dissipative reaction diffusion systems
Alves, Manuel J , Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique
Boundary value problem for a nonlinear singular functional differential equation
Dubovski, Pavel B. , Institute of Numerical Mathematics RAS, Russia
Quasifunctionals and natural spaces of solutions for infinite-dimensional linear dynamic systems
Feng, Wenying , Trent University, Canada
Nonlinear spectral theory and operator equations
16:15-17:15,   R5015
Xu, Yuan-Tong , Sun Yat-Sen University, China
Generalized Zp index theory and multiple periodic solutions of DDE
Boulton, Lyonell , Universidad Simon Bolivar, Venezuela
Spectral behaviour of non-self-adjoint Hamiltonian systems
Ilolov, Mamadsho , Tajik State National University, Tajikistan
Invariant tori for differential equation with degeneracy
Dumortier, Freddy , Limburgs Universitair Centrum, Universitaire Campus, Belgium
Perterbation From An Elliptic Hamiltonian Of Degree Four
17:20-18:20,   R3018
Brandao, Daniel Smania , SUNY at Stony Brook, USA
Puzzle geometry and rigidity: the Fibonacci cycle
Bullett, Shaun , Queen Mary, University of London, United Kingdom
Mating Kleinian groups with polynomial maps
Matsumoto, Shigenori , Nihon University, Japan
Rigidity of certain Lie group actions and the leafwise cohomology
Eilers, Soren , University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Augmenting dimension group invariants for substitutional dynamical systems
17:20-18:20,   R3030
Afshar Nejad, Zahra , Ferdowsi University, Iran
Effect of nonlinear damping on a vibrating system
Almocera, Lorna S. , University of the Philippines, Cebu College, Philippines
Hopf bifurcation in a Predator-Prey model
Anichini, Giuseppe , University of Firenze-Italy, Italy
Boundary value problems for perturbed differential systems on an unbounded interval
Blizorukov, Michael G. , Ural State University, Russian
Periogic solutions of linear difference system with continuous argument
17:20-18:20,   R5015
Bashkirtseva, Irina , Urals State University, Russia
Sensitivity analysis of the stochastic Lorenz model for period-doubling and chaotic zone
Potapov, Vadim D. , Moscow State University of Means Communication, Russia
Stability of stochastic integro-differential equations
Ryashko, Lev , Urals State University, Russia
Lyapunov function techniques for stability and control of stochastic manifolds
Zhu, Deming , East China Normal University, China
Existence and global attractivity of periodic Solutions on a predator - prey system of Holling Type

August 22

Short Communication/Poster

13:40-14:40,   R5020
Chernyavskya, Nina , Ben-Gurion University, Israel
Necessary and sufficient conditions for the solvability of a problem of Hartman and Wintner for difference equations
Hadid, Samir Bashir , Ajman University for Science and Technology, United Arab Emirates
Asymptotic behaviour of the maximal and minimal solutions of D.E. of non-integer order
He, Ji-Huan , Shanghai University, China
Comparison of homotopy perturbation method and homotopy analysis method
Jiang, Wei , Anhui University, China
About the solution of time varying singular differential systems with delay
13:40-14:40,   CH03
Buldaev, Alexander , East Siberian State Technologic University, Russia
Optimization of the controls in quadratic dynamical systems
Gabasov, Rafail , Belarus State University, Belarus
On the optimal synthesis problem for nonlinear dynamical systems
Greenman, Jonathan V. , University of Stirling, United Kingdom
Amplification in externally driven nonlinear dynamical systems
14:45-15:45,   R5020
El Sabaa, Fawzy Mohamed Faghmy , Faculty of Education Ain Shams University, Egypt
The periodic solutions of Goriachev-Chaplygin problem
Erjaee, G.Hossain , Shiraz University, Iran
Interesting synchronizlike behavior
Kiguradze, Ivan , A. Razmadze Mathematical Institute, Georgian Academy of Sciences, Georgia
On periodic solutions of nonautonomous differential equations
Mehri, Bahman , Sharif University of Technology, Iran
On the existence of periodic solution for the certain non-autonomous system
14:45-15:45,   CH03
Derfel, Gregory A. , Ben-Gurion University, Israel
Small solutions of linear nonautonomous delay equations
Diblik, Josef , Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, Czech
Convergence of solutions of delayed functional differential equations
Duan, Wenying , Northeast Forestry University, China
Hopf bifurcation of a neural network model with time delay
Huang, Debin , Shanghai University, China
Breather competition and pulse orbits in the damped driven sine-Gordon equation
16:15-17:15,   R5020
Han, Maoan , Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
Stability of homoclinic or heteroclinic loops and bifurcation of limit cycles
Li, Xiaoyue , Northeast Normal University, China
Hopf bifurcations of a chemostat system with bi-parameters
Rousseau, Christiane , University of Montreal, Canada
Modulus of analytic classification for nfoldings of generic parabolic points
Samovol, Vladimir , State University High School of Economics, Russia
The normal form of an autonomous system in a neighborhood of the central manifold
16:15-17:15,   CH03
Pinto, Alberto Adrego , Faculdade de Ciencias da Universidade do Porto, Portugal
Geometric measures for hyperbolic diffeomorphisms on surfaces
Ferreira, Fernando Flavio , E.S.E.I.G., Instituto Politecnico do Porto, Portugal
Hausdorff dimension bounds smoothness of Denjoy maps and of Plykin attractors
Gan, Shaobo , School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University, China
A solution of the nonsingular star conjecture for flows
Horita, Vanderlei Minori , UNESP-Universidade Estadual Paulista/IBILCE, Brazil
Hausdorff dimension of non-hyperbolic repellers
17:20-18:20,   R5020
Huang, Wen , University of Science and Technology of China, China
Topological K-system, a third approach
Ye, Xiangdong , University of Science and Technology of China, China
Topological systems disjoint from all minimal systems
Lee, Keonhee , Chungnam National University, Korea
Inverse shadowing and hyperbolicity in dynamical systems
Wang, Lanyu , Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Dynamics of multi-modal collet-Eckmann maps
17:20-18:20,   CH03
Kirillova, Faina Mikhailovna , Institute of Mathematics of Nationa Academy of Belarus, Belarus
Guaranteed optimization of nonlinear dynamical systems
Pan, Liping , Fudan University, China
Near-optimal controls of the linear-nonquadratic optimal control prolem
Wang, Zhong , ZhaoQing University, China
The determinants of perturbation connected with Sturm-Liuville operators
Yu, Jianshe , Hunan University, China
The existence of periodic and subharmonic solutions for discrete Hamiltonian systems

August 23

Short Communication/Poster

13:40-14:40,   Poster
EL hassan, EL Kinani , Faculte des Sciences et Techniques, Morocco
Moyal Quantization and generalized Poisson structures
Sintamarian, Alina , Babes-Bolyai University, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Romania
Integral inclusions of Fredholm type relative to multivalued j-contractions
Kononenko, Larisa Ivanovna , Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Russia
On smoothness of slow surfaces of singularly-perturbed systems.
Wu, Hansheng , Hiroshima Prefectural University, Japan
Decentralized adaptive robust stabilizability of large scale dynamical systems with time delays
Constantinescu, Eliodor , Maritime University, Romania
New possibilities to solve multi dimensional transportation problem
Norton, Douglas E. , Villanova University, USA
Applications of epsilon-pseudo-orbits
14:45-15:45,   Poster
Zhou, Jin , Hebei University of Technology, China
Periodic solutions of forced Lienard-type equations
Shao, Song , University of Science and Technology of China, China
F-mixing and weak disjointness
Gloden, Baoul F. , European Communities, Luxembourg
Mod\'eles mathema tiques pour l'examen des invariamts survenant dans le mouvement de particules dans des chmps \'electromagn\'tiques
16:15-17:15,   R5020
Knezevic-Miljanovic, Julka , Faculty of Mathematics, Belgrade, 11000 Studentski trg 16, Yugoslavia
Asymptotic properties of nonlinear differential equation
Ko, Younhee , Cheju National University, South Korea
New approach for asymptotic behavior in a Lotka-Volterra type predator-prey system
Lu, Youmin , Bloomsburg University, USA
Asymptotics of the solutions to the fourth general Painlev¨¦ equation
Wang, Ke , Northeast Normal University, China
On the condition of orbitally asymptotically stability of the almost periodic solution of dynamical systems
16:15-17:15,   R5023
Lenci, Marco , Stevens Institute of Technology, USA
Infinite-measure billiards
Milka, Anatoliy D. , B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics, Ukraine
Bending of surfaces, bifurcations, dynamical systems and stablity of shells
Misaki, Norihiro , Nihon University, Japan
Application of apparent monodromy groups II
Zheng, Zuo-Huan , AMSS, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Some properties for Lipschitz ergodicity
16:15-17:15,   R5021
Kisaka, Masashi , Kyoto University, Japan
Some properties of Julia sets of structurally finite transcendental entire functions
Shishikura, Mitsuhiro , Kyoto University, Japan
Surgery construction of multiply connected wandering domains for entire functions
Zhang, Xiang , Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
Invariant algebraic curves and rational first integrals of holomorphic foliations in CP(2)
Torres, Pedro J. , Universidad de Granada, Spain
Existence of periodic stable solutions of some satellite equations.
17:20-18:20,   R5020
Krishnan, Balachandran , Bharathiar University, India
Existence of solutions of a class of abstract second order integrodifferential equations
Ramaswamy, R.S , Kongunadu Arts and Science College, India
Nonlocal Cauchy problem for abstract Volterra integrodifferential equations
Shi, Bao , Naval Aeronautical Engineering Institute, China
A prior bounds of solutions of nonlinear Volterra integro - differential systems with diffusion and infinite delay
17:20-18:20,   R5021
Koplatadze, Roman , A. Razmadze Mathematical Institute of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, Georgia
Comparison theorem for differential equations with several deviations
Xu, Jianhua , Anhui University, China
On the existence of almost periodic solutions of some neutral functional differential equation
Zhou, Zhan , Hunan University, China
Periodic Orbits of Discrete Dynamical Systems
Tang, Gong-You , Ocean University of Qingdao, China
Necessary and sufficient conditions of stability for a class of linear systems with time-delay

August 24

Short Communication/Poster

13:40-14:40,   R5020
Li, Changpin , Shanghai University, China
On a universal chaotification scheme for discrete dynamical systems
Li, Desheng , Yantai University, China
Dynamical properties of general dynamical systems and differential inclusions
Xu, Pengcheng , Academy of Mathematics and Systems Sciences,Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Homoclinic orbits for the perturbed nonlinear Schrodinger equation
13:40-14:40,   R5023
Li, Wan-Tong , Lanzhou University, China
Interval oscillation theory for nonlinear differential equations
Varin, Victor Petrovich , Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of RAS, Russia
Generating solutions for the equation of oscillation of a satellite
Vasilieva, Olga , Universidad del Valle, Colombia
Smooth and bounded controls for ODE systems
13:40-14:40,   CH14
Lerman, Lev , Nizhny Novgorod State University, Russia
Dynamics of slow-fast Hamiltonian systems near slow manifolds
Liu, Wenbin , China University of Mining and Technology, China
Existence of solutions of periodic boundary value problums for Duffing equation
Nakajima, Fumio , Iwate University, Japan
Multiple periodic solutions of some 3-dimensional Duffing-type equations
Tang, Chunlei , Southwest China Normal University, China
Periodic solutions of not uniformly coercive subquadratic Hamiltonian systems
14:45-15:45,   R5020
Kopanskii, Alexander , Institute of Mathematics, ASM, Moldova
Equivariant Sternberg-Chen theorem
Kudryashov, Nikolai A , Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute (State University), Russia
Forth order analogies to the Painleve equations
Makienko, Peter M. , Instituto de Matematicas, Mexico
Ruelle operator and invariant line fields problem
Shawagfeh, Nabil T. , University of Jordan, Jordan
Comparing numerical methods for the solutions of system of ordinary differential equations
14:45-15:45,   CH14
Liu, Xinzhi , University of Waterloo, Canada
Stability theory of impulsive functional differential equations
Makin, Alexander S. , Moscow State Academy of Instrument-Making and Informatics, Russia
On boundary value problems for the Sturm-Liouville operator
Sirvent, Victor F. , Universidad Simon Bolivar, Venezuela
Pure discrete spectrum for one-dimensional substitution systems of Pisot type
Solonukha, Olesia Vladimirovna , National Technical Univercity of Ukraine, Ukraine
On parabolic nonlinear problems

August 26

Short Communication/Poster

13:40-14:40,   R5020
Matsubara, Kiyoshi , Fuji Research Institute Corporation, Japan
On the global complex WKB theory for the BNR equation
Serow, Dmitry W. , St.Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Science, Russia
Dissipative homoclinic dynamics for the oppositive saddle on the plane
Nakane, Shizuo , Tokyo Institute of Polytechnics, Japan
Non-landing of stretching rays for real cubic polynomials
Yu, Pei , University of Western Ontario, Canada
Limit cycles in 3rd-order planar system
13:40-14:40,   R5021
Markarian, Roberto , Universidad de la Rep¨˛blica, Uruguay
Bernoulli elliptical stadia
Young, Todd Ray , Ohio University, USA
Intermittency in unimodal maps
Zeng, Zhigang , Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
Globally exponential stability of differential equations with two delays
Zhu, Changrong , Chongqing University, China
Central configurations consist of two layer twisted regular regular n-gons
14:45-15:45,   R5020
Miguel, Jose Joao , Agricultural University of Norway, Mozambique
The generalized linear chain trick and the W-method
Shadman, Dariush , Sharif University of Technology, Iran
Boundedness and stability properties of certain n-th order
Afanasyev, Alexander Petrovitch , Institute for Systems Analicys of the Russian academy of scienses, Russia
On the number of periodic solutions in a Hamiltonian system
Zhou, Shengfan , Shanghai University, China
Attractors and approximations for lattice dynamical systems
14:45-15:45,   R5021
Cheung, Yitwah , Northwestern University, USA
Hausdorff dimension of the union of divergent trajectories
Slijepcevic, Sinisa , McKinsey & Company, Czech
Non-action minimising measures of Lagrangian flows
Kirillov, Oleg N. , Moscow State University, Russia
Collapse of Keldysh chains and stability boundaries of continuous non-conservative systems
Osipenko, George , St.Petersburg State Technical University, Russia
Symbolic analysis and structural stability

August 27

Short Communication/Poster

13:40-14:40,   R5020
Razani, Abdolrahman , Imam Khomeini International University, Iran
The existence of CJ detonation for a single step chemical reaction
Sharma, Virendra Kumar , Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Jamia Millia Islamia, India
Numerical solution of differential equations representing realistic modeling and simulation of electric motor drive system
Tang, Yun , Tsinghua University, China
Existence, uniqueness and calculation of infinitely many radial solutions to -Du = |u|pu
13:40-14:40,   R5019
Ferenczi, Sebastien , Institut de Mathematiques de Luminy, France
Structure of three-interval exchange transformations
Ohmiya, Mayumi , Doshisha University, Japan
Darboux-Lam¨¦ equation and isomonodromic deformation
Shamolin, Maxim V. , Institute of Mechanics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russian
Methods of analysis of dynamics of a 2D- 3D- or 4D-rigid body interacting with a medium
Shchepakina, Elena A. , Samara State University, Russia
Canards and black swans in mathematical combustion
14:45-15:45,   R5020
Xie, Shishen , University of Houston-Downtown, USA
On the numerical verification of the asymptotic expansion of differential equations
Yin, Xianjun , Universitaet des Saarlandes, Germany
On largely deformed elastic circular rods
Wang, Jingtao , University of Science & Technology Beijing, China
Some analytical criteria for local activity CNN with four or five state variables: analysis and applications
14:45-15:45,   R5019
Sadyrbaev, Felix , Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Latvia, Latvia
Boundary value problems for second order equations
Schmidt, Dieter J.H. , Universitaet GHS Essen, Germany
Global representations for the solutions of second order differential equations with polynomial coefficients by special functions
Obukhovskii, Valeri V. , Voronezh State University, Russia
Boundary value problems for degenerate differential inclusions
Webb, Jeffrey R , Glasgow University, United Kingdom
Positive solutions of some three point boundary value problems
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