Arrival, Registration and Opening Ceremony

Circular Letter #22

Subject: ICM2002-CL22: Arrival, Registration and Opening Ceremony
Date: August 11, 2002

Dear Colleague:

The Congress is now approaching. Attached is information about arrival, registration and the Opening Ceremony.
Please note that the registration counter starts to open in the afternoon of August 18, and the opening hours of the registration counter are extended to 22:00 on August 19 and 20. Please also notice that a special ticket is needed to enter the Great Hall of the People for the
opening ceremony. If you have any questions regarding these arrangements, please contact our secretariat office at 

We wish you a very pleasant journey to Beijing, and look forward to meeting you at the Congress.

Yours sincerely,

Ma Zhi-Ming
Chairman, Organizing Committee of ICM2002

1. Arrival

Thanks for the generous supports from various government agencies, business firms and individuals, the Local Organizing Committee is now able to provide free airport pickups at Beijing Capital International Airport from August 18 to 20, between 8:00 am in the morning to 11pm at night. 

During this time, student volunteers from Peking University, with the sign of ICM2002, will be at the airport to welcome arriving congress members and lead them to the bus, which will run from the airport every 40 minutes. 

The buses will first drive the congress members to Beijing Continental Grand Hotel and CATIC Hotel, and then to Beijing International Convention Center, where the Congress members are supposed to register and get their registration package.

After their registration at Beijing International Convention Center, participants can take Congress shuttle buses to Tibet Hotel, Apartment, Shengli Hotel, Laodong Building, Huiqiao Hotel, Jingmin Hotel, and Hongxiang Hotel to check in.

Congress members arriving on other dates or not at the specified time may take a taxi to the hotel or Beijing International Convention Center. The cost is about 100 yuan. Please go to the taxi stand to take a taxi, see that the meter is turned on and ask for a receipt when you get
off, in case you have left your belongings on the taxi or an complaint on the overcharge.

2. Registration

The registration counters will be open at the Exhibition Hall 5, on the afternoon of August 18 and the whole day of  August 19-20 and then at the Exhibition Hall 2 on other days during the congress. Registration counters will open from 14:00 to 22:00 on August 18, and 8:00 to 22:00 on August 19-20. The opening hours for the registration counters on August 21-28 are given in the second announcement.

Registration will be done in an alphabetic order of the last name of the Congress participants. When you register, please go to the desk where the alphabetic letter corresponds to the first letter of your last name. We also suggest that you remember and provide your registration ID
at the registration desk to speed up registration. If you cannot, look for your registration ID at the information desk before you register.

Invited speakers, financial grantees and exhibitors have their respective desks for registration.

There is also a counter for booking the local tour tickets, confirming the post-congress tours and paying the corresponding fees. 

Those who have signed for footloose tours should go to the counter for Footloose Tour to obtain the tickets for the tours. 

3. Opening Ceremony

All buses for the Opening Ceremony, which will take place at the Great Hall of the People at 3:00pm on August 20, will depart at 1:30pm, if there is no notice of change, from.

* Beijing International Convention Center ( for congress members registering there and for congress members staying at Beijing Continental Grand Hotel, CATIC Plaza Hotel, Celebrity International Grand Hotel, and apartments
* Tibet Hotel
* Shengli Hotel
* Laodong Building
* Huiqiao Hotel
* Jingmin Hotel
* Hongxiang Hotel

Congress members who are not able to catch up with the buses may take a taxi to the East Entrance of the Great Hall of the People. The Great Hall of the People is in downtown, to the west of Tiananmen Square. To get there, it takes about 40 minutes by taxi from Beijing International Convention Center. 

Important Notice about the Opening Ceremony

Admission into the Great Hall of the People is strictly by invitation with attached ticket only. No bags (except small wallets) are allowed into the Hall. Every attendee will have to go through a security check. Infants and small child are not allowed into the opening ceremony.

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