First Announcement for the ICM2002

Circular letter #12 
Subject: ICM2002-CL12: First Announcement for the ICM2002
Date: September 5, 2001

Dear Colleague:

There has been a long tradition that the organizers of an International Congress of Mathematicians send out a First Announcement to as many mathematicians as possible about one year before the Congress. We are following this tradition.

The main aim of the First Announcement is to collect the addresses of those mathematicians who are seriously interested in participating in ICM2002 and intend to obtain the Second Announcement for more details about ICM2002. Those who have submitted the request form 
and have an e-mail address will also receive circular letters from the ICM2002 e-mail service.


Those (and Only Those) who have submitted the request form for the Second Announcement will receive a printed copy of the Second Announcement in January 2002.


If you have pre-registered for ICM2002 before (this is the case if you obtained the present circular letter from the ICM2002 E-Mail Server) you will automatically be entitled to receiving a copy of the Second Announcement. You will receive, in two weeks from now, an email containing your contact information. This way you can check the data we have in our database and correct it if necessary. If you have not received the email by September 19, 2001 something has gone wrong and you are advised to follow the procedure described in the First Announcement as follows.

Sincerely Yours 

Zhi-ming Ma

Chairman of the ICM2002 Organizing Committee

First Announcement

The Organizing Committee is pleased to announce that the next International Congress of Mathematicians will take place in Beijing, China, from Tuesday, August 20, through Wednesday, August 28, 2002.

It will be held under the auspices of the International Mathematical Union (IMU) and sponsored by many other institutions.
Scientific Program
Responsibility for the scientific program lies with the Program Committee appointed by IMU. There will be about 20 one-hour Plenary Lectures covering recent developments in the major areas of mathematics and 169 forty-five-minute Invited Lectures in 19 sections. In addition, there will be two groups of panel discussions in Section 18. The sections are as follows:

1. Logic
2. Algebra
3. Number Theory 
4. Differential Geometry
5. Topology 
6. Algebraic and Complex Geometry 
7. Lie Groups and Representation Theory 
8. Real and Complex Analysis
9. Operator Algebras and Functional Analysis
10. Probability and Statistics
11. Partial Differential Equations 
12. Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
13. Mathematical Physics
14. Combinatorics
15. Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science
16. Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
17. Applications of Mathematics in the Sciences 
18. Mathematics Education and Popularization of Mathematics
19. History of Mathematics

Every registered participant (traditionally called Ordinary Member) of the Congress will have the opportunity to give a short presentation, either during a poster session or in the form of a fifteen-minute lecture. A formal call for such presentations will be issued in the Second Announcement. Informal mathematical seminars may be organized  at the initiative of groups of participants. English, French, German, and Russian are the official languages of the Congress.

All Plenary and Invited Lectures will be published in the Proceedings of ICM2002; after the Congress, a complimentary copy of these Proceedings will be sent to each registered participant. Abstracts of all lectures and of all short presentations will be distributed free of charge to registered participant at Congress check-in.

The Fields Medals and the Nevanlinna Prize will be awarded during the Opening Ceremony on the first day of the Congress. This will take place in the Great Hall of the People. All other scientific events will be held at Beijing International Convention Center (BICC). No scientific activities are scheduled for Sunday, August 25.

In an effort to reach out to a wider audience, the ICM2002 organizers have initiated several cultural activities related to mathematics that are attractive to the general public. 

Social Events
During the Congress, a number of guided tours of Beijing, visits to museums, and walking tours will be offered. On Sunday, August 25, excursions to several places of cultural interest will be arranged. For that evening, a Beijing opera will be available at the Chang'an Theater. 
Registered participants and the accompanying persons may purchase tickets in advance for these events as well as for many day trips and  pre- or post-congress tours to places of interest.
Up-to-date information about all aspects of ICM2002 is available on the following website: 

This includes information about registration, abstract submission, etc.
Correspondence should be directed to 

It will be forwarded to an appropriate member of the Organizing Committee. If electronic communication is not available you may also write to

c/o Prof. Dr. Y. X. Yuan 
Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences
Chinese Academy of Sciences
1A South 4th Street
Zhong Guan Cun
Beijing 100080, China

FAX:+86-10-6261 8223 

Registration and Accommodation
China International Conference Center for Science and Technology (CICCST), a professional congress organizer, has been appointed by the Organizing Committee to handle all non-scientific matters for individual participants: registration to the Congress and the social events, hotel reservation, tourist program, collection of registration fees, etc. The formal registration procedure for the Congress will be described in the Second Announcement 

Participants will be accommodated in a variety of hotels in Beijing; necessary reservations are being made by CICCST. In addition, CICCST will make student residences available. Detailed information will be provided on the Congress website in November 2001 as well as in the Second Announcement.

Forms for registration and accommodation will be available on the ICM2002 server in January 2002.
Second Announcement
The Second Announcement of ICM2002 will describe the activities of the Congress in more detail and give instructions on how to complete the registration process and obtain accommodation. It will provide more, 
although not complete, information on the scientific program, contain a call for contributed short presentations, and give instructions regarding the submission of abstracts.

The Second Announcement will also include advice on how to proceed upon arrival at airports and train stations, and information on the day trips and tours organized by CICCST. Satellite conferences of a more specialized nature are scheduled immediately before or after ICM2002. The Second Announcement will also contain a list of these conferences.

If you did not pre-register before and wish to receive the Second Announcement, fill out the form below or on the ICM2002 server ( 

Alternatively, send an e-mail to with 'Second Announcement' in the `SUBJECT' line and with the following data: family name, first name, middle name, institution, street address, postal code, city, country and email. If this is not possible for you, please fill out the form below and mail it to the ICM2002 Secretary Prof. Yuan (see address above).

The Second Announcement will be mailed from Beijing at the beginning of 2002.

I would like to receive the Second Announcement of ICM2002.



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