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Welcome Letter
From Mayor of Beijing

Bidding Documents ˇˇfor ICM 2002

Welcome Letter


Minister of Science and Technology


Human race is striding forward to a great epoch, in which the progress of society will depend more and more on scientific and technical innovation.

Among all such innovative activities, the innovation of mathematical knowledge is fundamental. "Each natural science", as pointed out by German philosopher E. Kant, "becomes real science only to the extent that permits the application of mathematics."

In the past century, the application of mathematics experienced unprecedented and most exciting development. The highly abstract languages, structures, methods and theories created by core mathematics were time and again proven to be universal instruments applicable to other fields of science and technology and to productive and social practices. This truthfully reflects the marvellous and close relations between mathematical theories and the objective world.

In view of these facts, the Chinese Government has been persistent in supporting all programs for advancing the development of mathematics, either pure or applied, and will continue to do so in the future. We are therefore especially delighted to see that the ICM2002, the gathering of world's mathematicians, will be held in Beijing. We will work together with the local host to ensure the success of the ICM2002.

Zhu Lilan

Professor and Minister of Science and Technology

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