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Bidding Documents ˇˇfor ICM 2002

Chinese Mathematical Society    
c/o Institute of Mathematics   Tel. (86-10) 6255 1022
Chinese Academy of Sciences   Fax. (86-10) 6256 8356
Beijing 100080, People's Republic of China   E-mail: CMS@math08.math.ac.cn
July 15, 1996    
Prof. David Mumford
Executive Committee
International Mathematical Union
Respected President:
Re: Proposal to Hold the International Congress of Mathematicians 2002 in Beijing, China


It is my honor, on behalf of the Chinese Mathematical Society (CMS), to earnestly apply to you and through you to the Site Selecting Committee of IMU for hosting the International Congress of Mathematicians 2002 in Beijing, China. This application has received broad support not only from CMS members but also from the Chinese Government and the institutions concerned.

In ancient China, brilliant achievements were made in mathematics. In this century, modern mathematics has also witnessed fair spread and healthy development in China. In this process, Prof. Loo-keng Hua, Prof. S.S. Chern, and a number of prominent Chinese mathematicians have made outstanding contributions. In the past decade or so, special progress in research and education of mathematics has been achieved, and academic exchanges were considerably increased between Chinese mathematicians and their overseas counterparts.

Beijing is an education and research center of China, where many high level universities and research institutions are located. And it is in fact China's center of mathematics. We are convinced that if ICM2002 is held in Beijing, it will be an impetus to the development of mathematics in China, and there will be further increase of academic exchanges and cooperation between the Chinese and Asian mathematicians and their colleagues in other countries and regions.

Beijing enjoys great advantages and has adequate facilities to serve as the site for ICM2002. The city is now easily accessible by major foreign cities through over 50 international air routes. The venue of the congress will be the Beijing International Convention Center, in the Asian Games Village, where the 11th Asian Games were successfully organized in 1990 and the Fourth UN World Women's Conference was held in 1995. Also, various large size international conferences and symposia with thousands of participants, such as the International Geological Congress and XIXth International Congress of Entomology were held here. The center has good modern facilities and adequate space for ICM2002 plenary sessions, workshops and technical sessions.

Around the conference site there are quite a few hotels of different categories for the delegates to choose from, ranging from expensive luxury cones to the low-cost but comfortable ones. These hotels are not far from the conference site, and with convenient transportation connections. And the costs of accommodation are relatively low.

Beijing is a capital of ancient civilization, and there are many well-known historical places for sightseeing. During the congress, delegates may take tours to the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and many other historical monuments. After the congress, interested delegates many join tours to famous historical and scenic spots, like Xi'an, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guilin and many others.

The CMS application has won active support from various institutions in China, and the CMS will be able to raise enough funds for the Congress. The Chinese Government has promised their financial support to make up the possible deficit in the organization of ICM2002 Beijing. The CMS will solicit donations from other sources to cover partial travel and local expenses of some of the delegates from developing countries such as former Eastern European countries and countries in southeast Asia and Africa. The CMS will follow the tradition of International Congress of Mathematicians to provide support to over 120 young mathematicians, whom the IMU has chosen to provide international travel support, for their local expenses during ICM2002 Beijing.

All participants and their accompanying persons for ICM2002 Beijing, be they from any country or region, by China's present visa issuing policy, can, where applicable, obtain a visa for entry into China at the Chinese embassy or consulate-general once they have a valid passport and a visa invitation from ICM2002 organizer.

By the way, we have discussed the matter of holding ICM2002 in Beijing with overseas mathematicians and mathematicians from Hong Kong and Taiwan. The proposal has gained extensive support. If our application has been approved, the local organizing committee of ICM2002 will include representatives from Taiwan, Hong Kong and some overseas Chinese mathematicians.

The Chinese Mathematical Society welcomes you and mathematicians from all over the world to Beijing for cooperation, friendship, and for the progress of mathematics.

Please, Sir, accept my highest salutation.

Yours sincerely,

K.C. Chang

Professor of Mathematics


Chinese Mathematical Society

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