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From Mayor of Beijing
Bidding Documents ˇˇfor ICM 2002

Message From

Minister of State Science

and Technology Commission


Science and technology have experienced extraordinary development during this century that no human could have dreamed of in precious times. It is generally acknowledged that this progress has relied to a large extent on a key facet of basic research - mathematics.

Today, mathematics pervades almost all fields of knowledge: not only in physics, chemistry and astronomy, but also in life sciences, medicine, economics and environmental science. Mathematical methods are widely used even in linguistics and art areas. Mathematics has become more and more indispensable in the understanding and control of nature and a highly complex society.

The unprecedented application of mathematics, however, is inseparable from the advancement of the science of mathematics itself. The numerous brilliant and profound results created by mathematicians over the last one hundred years have brought us to a new golden age of mathematics which is sure to have an enormous and positive impact on human civilization. Therefore, the Government of the People's Republic of China, recognizing the importance of mathematics in today's world, will give all-out support for the successful hosting in Beijing of the first ICM of the 21st century - the 2002 Congress.


Prof. Jian Song

Minister of State Science and Technology

Commission of the People's Republic of China

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