B.3 Invited Lectures

Also at the recommendation of the IMU Program Committee, 167 mathematicians have been invited to give 45-minute lectures in specified sections. These lectures are intended to be surveys of significant topics in the respective area of research. The speakers have been asked to make their lectures comprehensible for the general mathematical community, and they agreed to do so.

These Invited Lectures will take place on the afternoons of August 21--24 and 26--28, beginning at 14:00. The Invited Lectures will be given in several large lecture rooms at BICC. Usually there will be about six or seven lectures simultaneously.

Now you can see the Schedule of Invited Lectures

The list of sections is as follows, where the number in parentheses indicates the expected number of presentations in that section.
In section 18, there will be also two panel discussion sessions, each of which lasts 90 minutes with 4 invited speakers.
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