Hebei Normal University, Shijiazhuang, Aug. 16 - 19, 2002

(IMPORTANT NOTICE: The SCC originally scheduled for Aug.30 - Sept.3 is to be held earlier in Aug.16-19)

Topics: Combinatorical enumeration, combinatorial design, combinatorial geometry, combinatorial matrix, combinatorial optimization, graph theory, coding theory, cryptography.

Program Session 1: Combinatorial Enumeration, Combinatorial Geometry;
Session 2: Combinatorial Design, Cryptography, Coding Theory;
Session 3: Graph Theory, Combinatorial Optimization;
Session 4: Combinatorial Matrices, Algebraic Combinatorics;

Program Committee:





Zhexian Wan, Institute of System Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Kang, Qingde , Hebei Normal University,General Secretary
Chen, Yongchuan, Nankai University
Ding, Ren, Hebei Normal University
Du, Dingzhu, Minnesota University
Fan, Genghua, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Liu, Guizhen, Shandong University
Shao, Jiayu, Tongji University
Ye, Yongnan, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Zhu, Lie, Suzhou University

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Prof. Ren Ding <>,  86-311-7861182
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