String Theory Conference

Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Aug.12-15, 2002
Topics: Various aspects of string theory

Academic Committee: 





S.T.Yau (Chairman), Harvard University, USA
Chaohao Gu , Fudan University, China
Qikeng Lu , CAS, China
Shuxing Chen ,Fudan University, China
Jub Li , Stanford University, USA
Siye Wu , Colorado University, USA
Silei Wang , Zhejiang University, China
Kefeng Liu , UCLA, USA
Shikun Wang , AMSS, CAS, China
Zhongyuan Zhu , ITP, CAS, China
Hanying Gao , ITP, CAS, China
KeWu , ITP, CAS, China

Organizing Committee: 




Shuxing Chen (Chairman), Fudan University, China
Jiecheng Chen , Zhejiang University, China
Sen Hu , UST, China
Jian Zhou , Tsinghua University, China
Shuping Chen , Zhejiang University, China
Xiao Zhang, AMSS,CAS, China
Dauyuan Fang , Zhejiang University, China
Miao Li , ITP, CAS, China
Yihong Gao , ITP, CAS, China
Hongwei Xu , Zhejiang University

Invited Speaker: 






P.Candelas , Oxford University
E.D'Hoker , University of California
D.Gross , Institute for Theoretical Physics, UCSB
C.Nappi , Princeton University
D.Phong , Columbia University
L.Susskind , Stanford University
E.Verlinde , Princeton University
E.Witten , School of Natural Sciences, Institute for Advanced Study
S. Ferrara , Cem Sand Laboratori Nazionali di  Franscali, INFN, Italy
*J.Harvey , University of Chicago
*A.Strominger , Harvard University
*C.Vefa , Harvard University

Note *: to be confirmed
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