Hanoi, Vietnam, August 13-17, 2002






  • Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
  • Partial Differential Equations and Microlocal Analysis
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Wavelet Analysis
  • Nonlinear Analysis and Differential Geometry
  • Fractional Calculus
  • Ill-posed and Inverse Problems
  • Stochastic Analysis
  • P-Adic Analysis
  • Complex Analysis
  • Harmonic Analysis
Organizing Committee:





Tran Van Nhung  (Chairman), Vietnam
Z. Nashed  (Cochairman), USA
V. Kiryakova ,  Bungary
Situ Rong , China
R. Schneider, Germany
Nguyen Hong Thai, Poland
G. Fairweather , D. Hejhal,  P. Massopust,  USA
Nguyen Ngoc Giao, Tran Huy Ho, Le Hai Khoi, Tran Tin KietNguyen Huy Loi , Vietnam
Pham The Long, Hoang Van PhongNguyen Khoa Son, Duong Luong Son , Vietnam
Dao Trong Thi,, Nguyen Duy Tien , Le Quang Trung , Vietnam

Local Organizing Committee : Ha Tien Ngoan (Chairman)
Nguyen Minh ,Chuong, Nguyen Van Thu,Le Cong Thanh, Nguyen Huu Dien,
Tran Thi Lan Anh, Nguyen Quynh Nga,Tran Dinh Ke, Nguyen Van Tuan

Advisory Committee:





L. Nirenberg, D.L. Donoho , Richard Hamilton ,USA
D.O. Siegmund , Gang Tian , F. Treves, S. T.Yau , USA
O.A. Ladyzhenskaya, Yu Manin, Russia
V.P. Maslov, V.S. Vladimirov, Russia
K.C. Chang ,China
Yu Egorov, B. Helffer, R. Temam, France
T. Hida, Japan
J. Mawhin,Belgium
V.I. Skrypnik, V. Girko , Ukraine
Louis H.Y. Chen , Singapore
Scientific Committee:














Nguyen Minh Chuong (Chairman),Vietnam
James Eells (Cochairman), England
D.H. Phong (Cochairman), USA
W. Tutschke , Austria
J. P. Gossez , Belgium
V. Kiryakova , Bungary
N.U. Ahmed, J. Borwein , H.M. Srivastava , Canada
C.C. Yang , Hongkong
L. Rodino , C.D. Pagani , Italy
S. Reich , Israel
M. Morimoto, T. Msuji , K.Sato, M. Yamazato , Japan
Vu Kim Tuan , Kuwait
B.J. van der Houwen , Netherland
M.P. Navarro , Philippine
L. Gorniewicz , N. Ghoussoub , Nguyen Hong Thai , Poland
S. Yeneng , Singapore
M. Jose Bayod , Spain
K.H. Kwon , South Korea
A. Khrennikov , Sweden
C.R. Hwang , Taiwan
G. Fairweather, K. Gustafson, D. Hejhal , T. Hill , David Larson , USA
O. Marichev P. Masspoust, P. Mordukhovich, Z. Nashed , USA
Wei Ming Ni , M. Schechter , G. Strang , A. Zayed , USA
Dang Dinh Ang , Pham Ky Anh, Nguyen Huu Cong , Dinh Dung ,Vietnam
Duong Minh Duc , Tran Huy Ho, Ha Huy Khoai, Le Hai Khoi , Vietnam
Nguyen Van Khue, Tran Thi Le, Nguyen Van Mau , Ha Tien Ngoan , Vietnam
Le Hung Son , Nguyen Van Thu , Nguyen Duy Tien , Vietnam
Nguyen Dinh Tri , Nguyen Minh Tri, Tran Duc Van , Vietnam

Invited Speakers:













David L. Donoho , G. Fairweather , K. Gustafson , Richard Hamilton ,USA
T. Hill, D. Larson , O. Marichev , P. Massopust , B. Mordukhovich , USA
Wei Min Ni , Z.  Nashed , L. Nirenberg , D.H. Phong , M. Schechter ,  USA
D.O. Siegmund , G. Strang , Gang Tian , F. Treves , Mutao Wang , A. Zayed , USA
M. S.Agranovich , V.P. Maslov , A. Shiryaev , Russia
H.K. Xu , Africa
W. Tutschke , Austria
J. Gossez , J. Mawhin , Belgium
N. U. Ahmed , J. Borwein , N. Ghoussoub , H.M. Srivastava , Canada
S. Rong , China
Yu Egorov , B. Helffer , France
W. Dahmen , H.J Reinhardt , R.Schneider , Germany
C.C. Yang , Hong Kong
G. Heinig , Vu Kim Tuan , Kuwait
G.S. Rao , India
S. Reich , Israel
C.D. Pagani , L. Rodino , A. De Rossi , Italy
T. Hida , F. Kojima , M. Moromoto , T. Msuji, K. Sato, M. Yamazato, Japan
B.J. van der Houwen , Netherland
M.P. Navarro , N.N. Reyes , E.J. Lope , Philippine
N. Gorniewicz , Z.J. Jurek , Nguyen Hong Thai , Poland
S. Yeneng , Singapore
K.H.Kwon , South Korea
Andrei Krennikov , Sweden
C.R. Hwang , Taiwan
Anatoly Kochubei , V.I. Skrypnik , Ukraine
Dang Dinh Ang, Pham Ky Anh, Nguyen Minh Chuong , Nguyen Dinh Cong ,Vietnam
Nguyen Huu Cong, Dinh Dung , Duong Minh Duc , Le Mau Hai ,Dinh Nho Hao,Vietnam
Nguyen Manh Hung , Ha Huy Khoai , Nguyen Van Khue ,Tran Thi Le  ,Vietnam
Dinh Quang Luu , Ha Tien Ngoan , Nguyen To Nhu ,Tran Van Nhung,Vietnam
Le Hung Son , Do duc Thai , Dang Hung Thang , Dao Trong Thi ,Vietnam
Nguyen Van Thu, Nguyen Duy Tien, Nguyen Minh Tri ,Vietnam
Dang Duc Trong, Tran Duc Van ,Vietnam
Persons to Contact: 



Dr.Nguyen Huu Dien   <nhdien@thevinh.ncst.ac.vn>
Tel.: (84)(4) 7 560 253
Fax: (s4)(4) 7 564 303
Ms Nguyen Quynh Nga <huongnga@thevinh.ncst.ac.vn>
Tel: (84)(4) 8 361 188
Hanoi Institute of Mathematics, P.O. Box 631, 10 000 BO HO,
E-mail : icaaa@hanimath.ac.vn










1) August 13-15 : Registration, Meetings
    August 16-17 : Halong Bay Tour and/or Old Capital Hue Tour and /or Old City Hoi an Tour
2) Conference fee :150 USD (including abstracts, proceedings, banquet, city Tour)
                            (accompanying persons USD 75).
    The fee may be waived for students and some individuals on the basis of applications.

3) All papers presented in the conference can be published in conference proceedings after being carefully refereed while outstanding papers can be selected for special issues in some international journals.

4)Deadlines :
                   Registration form : by April 15, 2002
                   Abstract : by June 1, 2002
5) Preliminary Registration Form (to be sent to persons for contact):
    1. Name
    2. Position, Title
    3. Phone, Fax, E-mail, Mailing Address
    4. I will attend the conference : YES [ ]; NO but keep me informed [ ]
    5. I will present a talk : YES [ ]; NO [ ]
    6. Tentative title of the talk :....
    7. Send me further announcement by e-mail :...., or FAX:....or mailing address :...8% Comments :
6) Accommodation :
In Hanoi there are hotels of various categories, that range from USD 20 to USD 300 per night (icaaa@hanimath.ac.vn will provides details)

Please send your suggestions and comment to: icmsec@beijing.icm2002.org.cn
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