Bifurcation and Chaos

Science Bulding,Yunnan University,Yunnan, Aug.13 - 17, 2002


The Conference will be the Satellite Conference of ICM2002 on Bifurcation and Chaos.The topic covers local and global bifurcation, computational and theoretical aspects of bifurcation and chaos in biology, economics, engineering. fluid dynamics, neural networks, physics and the other nonlinear dynamical systems.

Organizing Committee: Honorary Chairman:
Song Wu , President, Yunan University.
Jibin Li , Department of Applied Mathematics, Kunming University of
               Science and Technology.
Shidong Wang, Zhengrong Liu , Xiaohua Zhao,  Yongkun Li, Department of Mathematics, Yunnan University.
Hui Fang, Yiping Lin, Department of Applied Mathematics, Kunming University of Science and
Nan Shao ,  Zheng Guo  ,Department of Mathematics, Yunnan Normal University.
Academic Committee: 




Shui-Nee Chow ,Department of Mathematics, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Peter Bates , Michigan State University, USA
Zhifen Zhang ,Tongren Ding ,Chengzhi Li,Duo Wang , Department of Mathematics, Peking University.
Zhujun Jing , Department of Mathematics, Hunan Normal University,
                    Academy of Mathematics and System Science, CAS
Zengrong Liu , Department of Mathematics, Shanghai University.
Deming Zhu , Department of Mathematics, East China Normal University.

Invited Speaker: Leon O. Chua, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California ,USA
Jingqiao Duan , Department of Applied Mathematics, Illinois Institute of Technology ,USA
Vinod Kumar. P.B , Department of Mathematics, Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology, India.
Xinzhi, Liu, Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Waterloo, Canada
Guanrong Chen, Center for Chaos Control and Synchronization, City University of Hong Kong.
Gabriele Villari , Dipartmento di Mathematica "Ulisse Dini", Italy.
J. P. Francoise , Geometrie differentielle, Systemes differentiels, Imagerie geometrique et Biomedicale Universite, P.-M. Curie, Paris VI, France
Alain Leger , Mecanique et Modeles Numeriques., France
Vassilis Rothos , Department of mathematical Sciences , University of loughborough, UK
Fengxin Chen , Department of mathematics and Statistics,
University of Texas at San Antonio, USA
Luonan Chen ,  Department of  Electrical Engineering and Electronics , Osaka Sangyo University, Japan
Todd Young , Department of mathematics, Ohio University, USA
Mingzhou Ding , Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences , Florida Atlantic University, USA
Sudhira Wasuwanich , Department of Mathematics, Kasetsart University, Thailand
Abdul-Aziz YaKubu , Howard Univ./Cornell Univ. visiting, Japan
Tadayuki Hara , Department of Mathematical Science, Osaka Prefecture University , Japan
Jitsuro Sugie , Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Shimane University, Japan
Chongchun Zeng , Department of Mathematics, University of Virginia , USA

Organized by: Yunnan mathematical Society of China
Yunnan University, China
Kunming University of Science and Technology, China
Yunnan Normal University, China

Venue and dates: Expo Garden Hotel
No. 5, Expo Road Kunming , Yunnan province , China
August 13-17,2002. register time: Aug.12 th.
Abstract and Format: Latex file of the abstract should be sent to the conference secretary through E-mail by March 15-30 , 2002.
Registration Fee US$ 100 ( including dinner)
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