Difference Equations and Applications

Changsha,Hunan University, China, Aug,11-17,2002
Topics: General theory of difference equations; Asymptotic behavior;Oscillation theory;
Stability theory; Bifurcation theory; Control theory;
Chaotic dynamics; Complex dynamics;Iterated function systems;
Numerical methods in differential equations;
Discretization of differential equations;Dynamic equations on time scales;
Discrete equations and inequalities; Functional equations; Stochastic processes;
Industrial mathematics; mathematical engineering; Discrete models;
Applications in economics,Biology; Physics And Other Disciplines.

Academic Committee: G.Ladas (Honorary Chairman),University of Rhode Island,USA.
J.Wu (Chairman),York University,Canada.
J.S.Yu (Chairman),Hunan University,China.
B.Aulbach Augsbury University,Germany
H.Brunner Memorial University of Newfoundiana.
S.Elaydi Trinity University,USA.
I.Gyori University of Veszprem,Hungary.
L.H.Huang Hunan university,China.
Z.C.Shi Chinese Academy of Science,China.
Z.C.Wang Hunan university,China.
J.Wu York University,Canada.
J.S.Yu Hunan university,China.

Organizing Committee: X.Zou (Honorary Chairman),Memorial University of Newfoundiana,Canada.
L.H.Huang (Chairman),Hunan University,China.
S.S.Cheng TsingHua University,Taiwan.
B.X.Dai Hunan University,China.
L.H.Huang Hunan University,China.
X.Z.Qian Hunan University,China.
Z.C.Wang Hunan University,China.
J.S.Yu Hunan University,China.
S.N.Zhang Shanghai JiaoTong University,China.
Z.Zhou Hunan University,China.
X.Zou Memorial University of Newfoundiana,Canada.

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