Electronic Information and Communication in Mathematics

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Beijing, Aug. 29-31, 2002

Aims and mission of the conference:

During the last decade electronic information and communication provided facilities of increasing importance for the development of research and education in mathematics and the dissemination of achievements in mathematics to applications. A growing network of different types of digital libraries and other electronic information services became a basic infrastructure for the daily work of mathematicians and professionals interested in mathematics. In relation to all sciences this lead to a new field of research and development aiming to promote the theory and practice of processing, dissemination, storage, search and analysis of various digital data. Complex information systems emerged, development and use of which require solution of numerous scientific, technological, methodological, economic, legal and other issues. Handling mathematics in such an environment leads to particular challenges on one side and to enhanced facilities for the communication of research on the other side.

The objective of this satellite conference to the ICM 2002 is to provide an opportunity for experts and professionals in the field of electronic information and communication in mathematics for discussing ideas and new achievements and for make contacts for closer co-operation. The direct link of this conference to the ICM is expected to attract as many experts attending the ICM from all over the world as possible, using this unique possibility for collecting high quality presentations from professionals world-wide, giving a comprehensive survey of the state of the art, and initiating fruitful future co-operations. Mathematicians as well librarians, mathematical publishers and other providers of information in mathematics are welcome to present their achievements and ideas concerning the subject of the meeting. In view of this,papers describing the current offers, advanced directions of research and proposals for co-operations will be appreciated.







The conference topics include but are not limited to:
Models and standards for information and meta-information representation.
Methods and tools for data search, discovery, retrieval and analysis.
Access to distributed and heterogeneous digital collections:  interoperability, scalability, relevant information discovery, meta-information integration.
Intelligent user interfaces in electronic libraries, agent technologies, co-operative work on the data.
Advanced technologies of digital collection generation in mathematics.
Authoring tools and preparation of electronic publications in mathematics.
Business models for the generation and distribution of digital collections.
Data security and information protection.

During the ICM there will be a small session on electronic information and communication in mathematics, organised by the IMU-Committee for Electronic Information and Communication (CEIC). This will be coordinated with the conference in a way offering both events as a joint enterprise, though being organised separately.

Scientific Committee:






Fengshan Bai , Tsinghua University, China
Jonathan Borwein , Simon Fraser Univ, Canada
John Ewing  , AMS, USA
Wilfrid Hodges , University of London, UK
Peter Michor , University of Vienna, Austria
David Morrison , Duke University, USA
Kapil Paranjape , Institute of Math., India
Alf van der Poorten , Macquarie University, Sydney
Lizhong Pang , Paking University, China
Bernd Wegner , TU Berlin, Germany
Linbo Zhang , Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Qing Zhou , Chinese Science Fundation, China







Bernd Wegner <wegner@math.TU-Berlin.DE>
Fakultaet II, Institut fuer Mathematik
TU Berlin, Sekr. MA 8-1
Tel: +49-30-31423616

Fengshan Bai <fbai@math.tsinghua.edu.cn>
Department of Mathematical Sciences,
Tsinghua University,
Beijing 100084, P.R.China
Tel: +86-10-62787930
Fax: +86-10-62787842

Organizing chair: Ning SU , Tsinghua Univeristy, China

Organizing committee: Qing HE , Beijing Normal Univeristy,China
Jianguo LI , Tsinghua Univeristy, China
Zhongyan QIU , Paking Univeristy, China

Person to Contact:






Ning SU <nsu@math.tsinghua.edu.cn>
Tel: +86-10-62772860

Jianguo LI <jli@math.tsinghua.edu.cn>
Tel: +86-10-62787842
Fax: +86-10-62787842
Department of Mathematical Sciences,
Tsinghua University,
Beijing 100084, P.R.China

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