Several Complex Variables and Complex Geometry

The Kolon Hotel, Kyung-Ju, South Korea , Aug. 14-18, 2002



Complex function theory, Automorphism groups,Invariant metrics,
Complex manifolds, Cauchy-Riemann equations, CR-geometry,
Complex dynamics, Pluri-potential theory,Holomorphic mappings,
Nevanlinna theory and related topics.

Organizing Committee:





Bo Berndtsson
John Erik Fornaess
Chong-Kyu Han
Kang-Tae Kim (co-chair)
Steven G. Krantz (co-chair)
Laszlo Lempert
Junjiro Noguchi
Takeo Ohsawa
Peter Pflug

Person to Contact: Kang-Tae Kim <> <>
Department of Mathematics
Pohang University of Science and Technology
Pohang 790-784 The Republic of Korea (South)

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