Combinatorics,Graph Theory and Applications

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, Aug.15-17, 2002




The theme is to discuss the most recent ideas and advances in combinatorics and graph theory. Topics range from traditional problems to new directions, applications, and interactions with other fields. The current invited talks will be focused on, but not restricted to, extremal combinatorics, geometry of graphs, random graphs, hypergraphs, phase transition of complexity, and new trends of discrete mathematics.

Organizing Committee: Bela Bollobas, Cambridge University, UK; University of Memphis, USA
Beifang Chen, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong

Invited Speaker: Noga Alon, Tel Aviv, Israel
Bela Bollobas, Cambridge, UK; Memphis, USA
Christian Borgs, Microsoft, USA
Jennifer Chayes, Microsoft, USA
W.T. Gowers, Cambridge, UK; Princeton, USA
Gyula Katona, Renyi Institute, Budapest, Hungary
Laszlo Lovasz, Microsoft, USA
Oliver Riordan,Trinity College, UK
Miklos Simonovits,Renyi Institute, Budapest, Hungary
Endre Szemeredi,Rutgers, USA
Andrew Thomason ,Cambridge, UK

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