Mathematical Software

Beijing, Aug. 17-19,2002
Topics: Software engineering problems for mathematical software; mathematics and media (including user interfaces); mathematics related to mathematical software; optimization techniques in high performance computation; applications of mathematical software; presentation of mathematical software; poster demonstration for ICM participants

Program Committee co-chairs: A.Cohen, X.Gao
Program Committee: J.Buchmann, (Darmstadt, Germany)
Arjeh Cohen, (Eindhoven, Netherland)
J.Dongarra, (Tennessee, USA)
K.Fukuda, (ETH, Switzerland)
Xiaoshan Gao, (Institute of Systems Science, China)
Steve Linton, (St.Andrews, England)
Michael Pohst 
Konrad Polthier
Mike Stillman, (Cornell, USA)
Nobuki Takayama,(Kobe, Japan)
DongMing Wang, (Paris 6, France)
K.Yokoyama, (Kyushu, Japan)
Ya-Xiang Yuan, (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

Poster session chair: M.Noro, (Kobe, Japan)
Organization chair: Zhuojun Liu (Institute of Systems Science, China)
Organization committee
(*:Not confirmed):
Arjeh Cohen (Eindhoven, Netherland)
Lian LI (Lanzhou, China)
Ken Nakamula (Tokyo, Japan)
Nobuki Takayama (Kobe, Japan)
Dingkang WANG (MMRC)
Lu YANG (Chengdu, China)

Organizers: Xiaoshan Gao <>

Zhuojun Liu <>
Institute of System Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences,
Beijing 100080, P.R.China

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