Notes on Cash Donations to ICM 2002

1. To acknowledge the generous cash donations from various organizations and individuals, the Organizing Committee of ICM 2002 will do, according to the amount of donation and in accordance with the will of the donors, as follows: confer a certificate of donation; list the names of donors at the website of ICM 2002, in the journals published by the Chinese Mathematical Society, and in the Final Program, posters or Proceedings of ICM 2002. If the donation is relatively large, a one-page advertisement for the donor can be added to the Final Program and the donor will be invited to the Opening Ceremony as a special guest (or co-sponsor). If the donation is substantially large, other means of acknowledgement can be made after consultation with the donor.
2. For companies and non-profit organizations, the minimum donation is 1000 yuan; for overseas individuals, the minimum donation is 100 US dollars or equivalent; for domestic individuals, the minimum donation is 100 yuan.
3. The donations will be used only to cover the cost for the preparation and the holding of ICM 2002, especially to support the mathematicians from developing countries and Eastern European countries. The donors may also specify the use of their donations. The surplus will be diverted to the Development Fund for Chinese Mathematics after the Congress.
4. Donations from abroad can be made via either bank transfer or bank draft. Please send it to: Bank of China, Account No.: 01084508241014, and add the message ¡°Donation to ICM 2002¡±.
5.  Contacts for donation: 
Mr. LIU, Huarong, Tel. (+86-10) 6275 1803 Fax. (+86-10) 6275 1801
Ms. ZHANG, Jinyu Tel. (+86-10) 6256 0649 Fax. (+86-10) 6261 8223
Mailing  Address:
Secretariat of ICM 2002, c/o Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhongguancun, Beijing 100080, China
Please send your suggestions and comment to:
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