New Information about the AirLines and Travel agency!

They will provide discount airtickets or preferential price.

Dear Colleague:

In order to provide the participants of ICM2002 more choices and alternatives for purchasing cheap airtickets to attend the Congress, the Organizing Committee have contacted several airlines and travel 
agencies about the arrangements of discount airtickets between different destinations and Beijing for 
parcipants of ICM2002. The following airlines  and the following travel agency

have agreed to sale discount airtickets to the participants of ICM2002. 

The contact addresses of China Travel Service and the three airlines in different places are given in the page listed above . You can contact the nearest office of China Travel Service or either of the three airlines to arrange your trave itinerary. When you contact the travel agency or the airlines, please provide the invitation letter from the local organizing committee. ( If you have not received an  invitation letter yet , you can provide your ICM2002 registration number for finding your registration record.)


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