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Dear Colleagues:

Where can find some particular highlight books?     Here!

1.  A special mathematics calender called MathInsight 2002 has been published. It is of A2 size, and displays spectacular images from many fields of mathematics. Cf
http://www.springer.de/cgi-bin/bag_generate.pl?ISBN=3-540-67472-1 .
2. A book on the future of mathematics has been published. It is called Mathematics Unlimited -- 2001 and Beyond and its editors are Björn Engquist and Wilfried Schmid. The book contains 63 contributions covering a wide-range of topics. Five contributions are interviews. See
http://www.springer.de/math/2000book/index.html  for more  details. A review of the book has appeared at 
http://www.maa.org/reviews/2000bks.html .
3.  The Interactive Geometry Software Cinderella by J"urgen Richter-Gebert and Ulrich Kortenkamp has been published. See  http://www.cinderella.de  and

http://www.springer.de/cgi-bin/bag_generate.pl?ISBN=3-540-14719-5  for details. 

A German language has been published, too; cf

1-X . There is also an Italian edition and a Japanese edition will soon  appear. Cinderella won a European Academic Software Award for the year 2000. 

4.  The first 17 books in the series Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering have been published, see http://www.springer.de/math/contact/peters/lncse.html
5.  A new textbook Numerical Mathematics by Alfio Quarteroni, Riccardo Sacco

http://www.springer.de/cgi-bin/bag_generate.pl?ISBN=0-387-98959-5   for details.
6.  A biography of Niels Henrik Abel has been published in April 2000. Its author is Arild Stubhaug and it is called Niels Henrik Abel and His Times.  Called Too Soon By Flames Afar. The author received the 
most prestigious literary prize in Norway (Brageprisen) for the Norwegian  original edition of the book. The book is a work of outstanding quality. Cf
http://www.springer.de/cgi-bin/bag_generate.pl?ISBN=3-540-66834-9 .
7.  A new series with mathematical videos has been launched. It is called Springer VideoMath. The first six films have been published. Cf
http://www.springer.de/math/livingmath  for information and  samples .

 A particular highlight is Video and Multimedia at 3ecm of the European Congress of Mathematics in Barcelona. It is available in  the formats DVD, VHS-PAL, VHS-NTSC; cf 

where X is 3-540-14875-2, 3-540-92644-5 or 3-540-92643-7.

8.  The first book, Computational Line Geometry by Helmut Pottmann and Johannes Wallner in the new series Mathematics and Visualization has appeared; cf
http://www.springer.de/cgi-bin/bag_generate.pl?ISBN=3-540-42058-4  .For information on the series see
9. A new book series Mathematics in Industry is in preparation. See http://www.springer.de/math/contact/peters/mathsind.html  for a description.
Dear Colleagues:

I would like to inform you that the Estonian Mathematical Society has published the following book:

General Topological Algebras. Proceedings of the International Workshop
held in Tartu, October 4-7, 1999 (edited by M. Abel). 

Estonian Mathematical Society, Tartu, 2001.

Mati Abel (President of the EMS)
e-mail: abel@math.ut.ee

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