Postal and Telcommunications Service
All the hotels have postal service. You can send your mail to almost all countries in world. Telephone, Telefax or e-mail in Internet are available in Beijing.
International Calls: 
International calls can be made directly in the hotel rooms. For low call rates, you can dial the calls at large post offices (there is one close to the Congress center) or with an IC calling card (sold at the Congress center; the card value is 50 yuan or 100 yuan (US$ 6 or 12).
Postal Services:
Close to the Congress center, there is a large post office where you can buy stamps, mail letters, postcards or parcels, and make international calls. In the Congress center, the business center also offers mail service. The Congress registration desk will provide a service of mailing the proceedings etc. to your home.
International Post and Telecommunications Office
Besides regular postal services, this office handles remittances, money orders, telegraphic
money transfers, international and domestic telephone and telegraph services. In the same building there is a Customs Office for those who need customs clearance for postal items.

Add: Yabao Lu, 300 meters northeast of Jianguomen  Overpass on the Second Ring RoadĦĦ

Tel: 6512-8132  Open: 8a.m.-6:30p.m.

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