°°Museums in Beijing

Beijing is not only a historical city but a center of culture. There are many Museums in the city.°°
Museum of Chinese History Natural History Museum China Art Gallery
Song Qingling Museum 
Madam Song Qingling was the wife of Dr Sun Yat Sen, considered by many Chinese as the founding father of China. Her large residence has been converted into a museum. It contains personal items and pictures of historical significance, dedicated to the memories of both the illustrious lady and her husband. 

Lu Xun Museum 
Lu Xun is a famous Chinese writer whose stories highlighted the sufferings of the people in the post-Qing dynasty era (1911-1936). In this museum, you can see some of his manuscripts, diaries, letters and inscriptions. 
On the west side of the museum grounds, you will find a small walled compound. Lu Xun used to live in the house there from 1924 to 1926. 

And for those interested in Chinese literature, this museum also offers an insight into Lu Xun's life, whom some consider to be Chinaís premier Thinking Personís Revolutionary. 

Xu Beihong Museum 
Xu Beihong was a Chinese artist who was famous for his realistic paintings of majestic galloping horses on canvas. In this museum, you will find Xuís paintings, oils, gouaches and sketches. While there, you can also pick up some painting albums and reproductions of his works. 

The museum is open Tuesday to Sunday, from 8.30am to 11am and from 1.30pm to 3.30pm. 

Natural History Museum 
Situated west of Tiantan is the biggest natural history museum in China. The exhibits cover flora and fauna, ancient fauna, and human evolution. Perhaps the most popular exhibit in this museum is a complete dinosaur skeleton. Some of the exhibits were donated by the British Museum and the American Museum of Natural History. 
The museum is open from 8.30am to 4pm, every day except Monday. 

Name of Gallery & Exhibition  Address &  Time Telephone
China Art Gallery 1 Wusi Dajie  8401-8853, 6401-2252
Art Works Exhibition of Cui Zifan  (Feb. 18-25)
International Art Works Exhibition  (Feb.18-25)
Contemporary Engraving Works Exhibitioh  (Feb. 18-28)
Folk Embroidery Exhibition of the Gallery  (Feb. 18- Mar. 15)
Exhibition of Chinese Ink & Wash Painting and
Mixed Materials 
Creation Gallery  4 Ritandonglu, Chaoyang  10a.m. -7p.m. 6506-7570
Joint Exhibition of Chinese Painting by the Artists of the Gallery  (Feb. 18-23)
Exhibition of Chinese Ink & Wash Painting and Mixed Materials  (Feb.24-Mar.2)
Wan Fung Art Gallery 136,  Nanchizi, Dongcheng District  6523-33206512-7338
Creation Gallery
Liu Jude, Bo Yun, and Wang Xiaofei are professors of Tsinghua University. They have engaged in Chinese painting since they were
quite young. Their works review their pursuit of the perfect combination of nature and human beings in Chinese tradition.
4 Ritandonglu, Chaoyang District 6506-7570

Qin Gallery 38A Fangcaodi Beidajie 9a.m. - 7p.m. 6507-4062 6586-8929
Art Shows of Tibetan Culture (Feb.18-23)
Beijing East Gallery The Watchtower at the Deshengmen, Beierhuan Zhonglu  8201-4962
Oil Painting Landscape Shows   (Feb.18.-Mar.15)
Red Gate Gallery at the Watchtower  Level1&4, Dongbianmen Watchtower, Chongwen  6525-1005,6257-5080
Featuring the oil paintings of He Sen, Qi Zhilong, Wang Huaxiang; Works on Paper by Qin Yifeng, Han Congwu, Tan Ping (Feb.18-28)
Metal Sculpture Exhibition (Feb.18-28)
Latest Works Exhibition by Promising Young  Artists for New Century. (Feb. 18-25) 6523-3320 6512-7338
Wan Fung Art Gallery tomorrow  136, Nanchizi, Dongcheng
The Wan Fung Art Gallery has always provided chances for young artists.A number of artists with fresh ideas and unique styles are growing in maturity with the help of the Gallery.
Art Shows of Tibetan Culture (Feb. 18-23)
Qin Gallery 38A Fangcaodi Beidajie 9a.m.-7p.m.
The artists in this exhibition have lived in Tibet for a long time. They understand its local customs, emotions and religions quite well. You can see their love for Tibet in their works.
6507-4062 6586-8929


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