Announcement on Publication of the Proceedings of the ICM2002

After more than half a year's open bidding for publishing the Proceedings of the ICM2002, the Local Organizing Committee has, through considerable discussion and inspection, selected the Higher Education Press (HEP) of China to undertake the publication.
HEP is one of the largest publishers in China with 47 years' history. It is well known in China for its high quality textbooks and books on higher education. It boasts a team of experienced editors and highly efficient production staff, as well as advanced facilities of publication.
In order to fulfill the task of publishing the proceedings, HEP has organized a special group consisting of the editor-in-chief, several editors and staff to implement all kinds of preparations for publishing the proceedings, and discussed with the editorial team of the proceedings the problems to be encountered in publishing. HEP will make every effort to guarantee the quality publication of the proceedings.
Publication Subcommittee
Prof. Li Ta-tsien
Department of Mathematics
Fudan University
Shanghai 200433, China
Fax: (86-21) 65648274
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