Two kinds of abstract

Please note that there are two kinds of abstract which will be processed with some differents.

  • The abstract of Plenary Lectures and Invited Lectures
  • The abstract of Short Communications and Posters

The people who will be invited to give us a Plenary Lectures or Invited Lectures are determined by IMU  and program committee of ICM2002. The format requirements of the abstract of Plenary Lectures and Invited Lectures can be found at URL

The abstract of Short Communications and Posters can be contributed by all  ICM members. The format requirements of this kind of abstract can be found in the description of the abstract of Short Communications and Posters.

Please note that the electronic submission at the website of ICM2002 is strongly encouraged.

If you have trouble with using online electronic form at the  website of ICM2002, there are still other three ways  to submit your abstract described as below. 


Three ways of submitting abstract.

Abstracts of Plenary Lectures and Invited Lectures should be written in the same way except that they should be written in English and the  length of the body text should not exceed 600 words. 
1. Online electronic Form
This form is available to users who have a web browser. You will be able to view and verify all information entered.

All abstracts should be submitted electronically via the forms provided by one of the following WWW addresses:

Plenary and Invited Lectures:

Short Communications and Posters:

2. by e-mail
If you can not submit abstract by using web browser , you may also submit your abstract by e-mail with the subject line "ICM2002 abstract" to one of the following e-mail addresses:

Plenary and Invited Lectures

Short Communications and Posters

3. by ordinary mail 
Submission is also possible by fax or by ordinary mail (preferably with the file in a 3.5" diskette) to
Plenary and Invited Lectures:
ICM  Abstracts
c/o Prof. Li Ta-tsien
Department of Mathematics
Fudan University
220 Han Dan Road
Shanghai 200433
Fax: +86 21 6564-8274
Short Communications and Posters:
ICM  Abstracts
c/o Prof. Ding Weiyue
Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences
1A South 4th Street
Zhong Guan Cun, Beijing 100080
 4. by FAX
  • Short Communications and Posters: Fax: +86~10~6261-8223
Please send your suggestions and comment to:
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