B.4 Short Communications and Posters

The abstract of Short Communication or Poster can be submitted starting from next week.
All Ordinary Members of the Congress will have the opportunity to present their mathematical work in the form of a Short Communication or a Poster --- provided that
  • they have registered by May 1 and marked in the registration form, that they want to present their work,
  • they have submitted an abstract by that date,
  • their contribution has been accepted by the Local Scientific Sub-committee.
Only one Short Communication or Poster (and thus only one abstract) is allowed for each member.

Each Short Communication lasts 15 minutes including discussion. Short Communications are grouped into time slots of 45 minutes for three presentations. The rooms for Short Communications are equipped with an overhead projector. Each Poster Session lasts 105 minutes; during that period the authors should stand by their posters and be available for questions and discussion.

Authors presenting a poster are advised to bring the material of the Poster with them when they come to the Congress since no facilities for preparing posters are available on site. The size of the individual poster panels is as follows: width 100 cm, height 245 cm.

The abstract for a Short Communication or a Poster must include the appropriate section number  and 2000 MS classification number so that the Communications and Posters can be grouped in a coherent way for presentation.

Abstracts may be submitted in English, French, Russian or German.

Abstracts of accepted Posters and Short Communications which are properly prepared and received by the deadline will be reproduced and distributed to all Ordinary Members when they pick up their registration package.

The Local Scientific Sub-committee will notify authors of acceptance/rejection of their contribution.

Instructions on how to prepare an abstract can be found in other page. Abstracts which do not conform to the stipulated rules will be returned to the author for resubmission. Late papers will not be accepted. However, it is possible to present them in ad-hoc sessions that will be organized and announced during the Congress.

Late Registration

An ordinary member who has submitted the abstract by May 1, 2002, but who has not completed his registration by May 1, can still have opportunity to present his short communication or poster at the Congress provided the registration is completed by the beginning of the Congress. However, his abstract will not be included in the book distributed to all ordinary members at the beginning of the Congress. 

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