The Second Announcement of ICM2002

The Second Announcement of ICM2002 has been printed by the end of 2001. The Second Announcement will be mailed to all those pre-registered, starting from today. 

The Second Announcement contains up-to-date information about ICM2002. Electronical versions of the Second Announcement can be obtained from this page, the links to various kind of files given as below.

If you have not pre-registered, and want to have a copy of the Second Announcement, you can download the Second Announcement from the web address given above. For those who do not have internet access, you can write to Mr. Liu Feng and ask him to send you a copy. Mr Liu Feng's address is as follows:

Mr. Liu Feng
86 Xueyuan Nan Road
Beijing 100081
People's Republic of China
Fax: +86-10-6218-0142


If you are seriously interested in participating in ICM2002 you are strongly encouraged to request a printed copy of the Second Announcement by send an email to

You can also print your own copy of the Second Announcement using one kind of  files below. In case you happen to know someone who is potentially interested in ICM'2002 but does not use or does not have access to electronic media may we ask you to pass him or her a copy? We would be very obliged for any help.


Second Announcement File

From here you'll find the file of Second Announcement stored in different format, please download a kind of Second Announcement File what you can view.

Here are four kinds of files of Second Announcement which are available for you :


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