Notice About Sending the Volume 1 of Proceedings of ICM2002

Dear Participants:

The 1st volume of Proceedings of ICM2002 and an optical disk about the opening ceremony of ICM2002 have been sent  in March 26 ,  by sea transportation.  The delay was caused by the process of collecting material and making the disk. We spent a lot of time for doing these things. As the way used to send the book is sea transportation, generally It needs about some time to deliver the Volume #1 of the ICM 2002 Proceedings to you.  So please wait some days. If you  will not receive the book after June 30, please send email to us at below address:

Since some participants have not given us their detail mail address, for those people , we still have not sent the book by postoffice,  please tell us your detail mail address at once . you can also send email to above address. 

For the other people who have not attended the conference ,but who want to buy the proceedings of ICM2002, please read the notice written by publisher at below.

Sincerely yours

Prof. Yafen Jin
Manager of ICM2002 Information Service Center

Dear customer,

The Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematics (Volume 1-3) have been worked out completely in March,2003. Generally we send buyer the books after receiving the payment. Please mail us a check with the title of Higher Education Press in advance. Please pay refer to the Invoice and inform us the mail way you prefer.

INVOICE  (for Volume 1)

Title:   Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematics (Volume 1)  
ISBN:     7-04-008690-5  
Order No. :   
List Price:    USD95.00  
Copies:         1  
Postage:   Airmail: USD31.50       Surface: USD7.50  
Handling:   USD2.00  

INVOICE  (for whole set)  

Title:   Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematics(Volume 1-3)  
ISBN:   7-04-008690-5  
Order No. :  
List Price:  USD275.00  
Postage:    Airmail: USD89.50    Surface: USD23.00  
Handling: USD2.00  
In addition, the CD-ROM, which is attached to the volume 1, offers a vivid picture of the main activities of ICM2002. It includes the opening ceremony of the Congress, academic activities, public lectures and public activities, closing ceremony and other events. The CD-ROM also gave a brief introduction on the 14th General Assembly of the IMU held in Shanghai on Aug. 17 to 18. The time length of the CD-ROM is 33 minutes. If you want to order an extra CD-ROM, the list price is $10.

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